Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Quitsies!

Peace Y'all,

Me and 'Cise was building about the demise of Al and Tipper Gore's relationship. I'm not one of those people who hangs on everything celebrities do, but the breakup seemed out of place to me. Political people tend to stay married unless one of the parties publicly fucks up. Then that is the "get out of jail free" card for the other party. Along with a book deal, all the family's assets and some nice jewelry. As Evana Trump once said, "Don't get mad. Get everything." But squeaky clean political couples tend to stay hitched because family and morals are what earns them their gold.

The God said that the problem must have been (conjecture since we don't personally know the Gores), they must not have been giving each other the proper affection. I'm being gentle in my choice of wording. Y'all know he got the screwface on that. But as I give it thought.... I am remembering a bit of advice my late mother-in-law gave me.

My late husband and I found an apartment right before we got married, and moved into it like 2 weeks before the wedding. His whole family helped us move into the apartment. It was a big party. Once we were done and my husband and his brothers were returning the trucks, I found myself alone with his mother and sisters. His mother said to me the best way to keep friendly relations between husband and wife is to make sure there is plenty of sex. That seemed strange and self serving for a woman to be giving her new daughter-in-law advice that would benefit her son. But I had to listen and consider the information because at the date of that koran, she and her husband had been happily married for 51 years.

My MIL said it doesn't matter whether I'm in the mood or not t the onset, once I'm in the moment I'll be in the mood. And a little sex never hurt anyone in marriage. Her daughters were sitting next to me all nodding their heads. I had no words. I'm not saying I took her advice. What I am saying is when I heard the same thing coming out the God's throat, I have to think there is more to the process. It's not like my MIL has returned from a physical death to possess Precise.

My mother used to warn me that having sex would make me sick because the man would rob me of all my energy and leave me to drained to be any use to anyone. She said women need the strength they get from holding out. My father used to tell me I don't have any business being that strong. Y'all can read in between the lines to know that my parents marriage ain't make it. It have witnessed that when you are physically involved with an individual if you're doing it right, essences of each other go back and forth. The man gets interested in sewing and the woman will watch a race. Taoism says as much. You have seen couples that laugh and giggle long past their honeymoon time and you have seen couples that should not be together because their natures aren't compatible but the sex it too good to leave it alone. The lure of the power U or the divine king is so intense they can't stop themselves. So maybe there is something to this sex your man/woman to death concept.

Maybe the Gores should try sexual counseling before they call it quits? They will have to make some changes.... Al is gonna have to lose some weight and become clean shaven. For a minute he looked like a bear. And Tipper is going to have to loosen up and channel her inner Beyonce. Tipper, embrace sexually explicit hip hop, It's soothing and educational.



Precise said...


This is something I've seen played out over and over again regarding various relationships throughout my life. If somebody ain't getting their medicine, a relationship with your lover is gonna fall on hard times.

Sexually explicit hip hop...... you funny. "Oochie Wally." Tipper would have a heart attack.......