Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Show and Prove 2010

Peace Good People!

I had a great time at Show and Prove. Not so much at the function itself, but the whole weekend turned out to be pleasnat and productive. I got a chance to reconnect with one of my oldest friends and share in her insight of what it meant for her to be an Earth even though she isn't anymore. I got a clearer perspective of what the Nation looked like in the 80's from a woman's standpoint. That was cool. The 7 and I shared social equaility with my physical brother's family. I really enjoyed that. My nephew is sooooo cute! S&P was hot and I got a migraine but it is always good to see G's and E's from different walks of life come together in peace. Yet another paver was laid for mine and the God's future. And on the 15 hour drive home I had time to work out certain personal issues and make decisions with regard to my future. It was a productive weekend if I say so myself. I'm happy and in a good place.