Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Decide or Agree

I'm done with my Master Allah Why fast and can now get back to this blog. I feel like I have neglected her in my quest to feel better. But better I do feel and now I can give my thoughts over to the Math....

I have stated before that I have 2 sets of degrees. I have the set of degrees that I was working with my 1st educator. And I have the set that I completed with Precise. (A predicament peculiar to Earths I suppose) I had completed the 1-40 before abandoning the 1st set to take Precise?s 120. Sometimes I get confused about the exactness of my degrees simply because I have more than 1 set rolling around in my dome. Where as most of it is the same, there are words here and there that don?t match.

I was at a rally waaaaaay back in March and I listened to a God build on 10:40 and 34:40 saying that those were the 2 only spots in 120 where it says we agreed. Of course my alarm went off. I was thinking the words were decided and not agreed. That screwed with me until I got be to the rest and checked both sets of degrees. The 1st set said ?decided? the second set said ?agreed?. Dilemma solved. But was it?

Since that rally, I have been pondering the difference between the 2 words. Agreed vs. decided. Oxford defines agreed as? to hold a similar opinion; consent; to be in harmony with others. I defines decided as? coming to a resolution if used as a verb. If used as an adverb it means unquestionable. Hmmm?? Interesting

If you agree it means that you are doing so with other people. If you decide you are doing this solo. Depending on the word that your degree has changes the entire flavor of said degrees.

I can see value in knowing who you are and having clarity in your Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. But within this nation one must work with others. You cannot be in this solo; because our mission is resurrecting the 85% from a state of mental death. So there is merit in both words.

I still may be slightly salty that I had to redo 120, but since I?m done I can look past it. And the best part is, I have 2 different perspectives to consider.