Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I rub people the wrong way. I know this. I don't care. Let me tell you why....

When people first meet me, I seem aloof. I make no apologies for that. In the past, coming in a warm current has never served my needs. In fact it often produces an outcome that is undesirable to me and possibly dangerous. I have learned through my experience to approach new ciphers and individuals with caution. So I do.

The problem that stems form this method is people will bristle when they meet me. Okay. I own that. Now you could assume that I have no friends. It would be an incorrect assumption. I don't have many friends, but I have good ones. The friends I have, decided to delve past the surface layer and learn me for my own self. And what is my own self? I'm a nice person. I am not an emotionally frivolous person and I have little patience of foolishness. But still a good person. But you have to take the time to know me. I'm funny too; just like my Daddy!

Does this sound like I make people work to know me? I do. And people work to know all the people they share energy with. that way you never come up with the "I didn't know" face when those people turn out to be ax murders. But I reciprocate. I refuse to call a person my friend and I have not gotten all up in their mental mind. I need to know who and what I am dealing with.

I have an eclectic assortment of friends. They don't go together. And at parties it's awkward, but a friend is a person I would go all out for. Bailing them out of jail and still helping them flee the jurisdiction. I'll hand them the rock to throw through the window of whoever's house/car and give them an alibi to boot.

Friends know you and you know them. A few months back I was talking with an old and dear friend of mine and we were talking about me and the God's LDR. I was telling him how some people feel that, since he is the man, and has/had a more stable job, I should move to where he lives, since I grew up near there. My old friend was like, "Hell no. You don't like cold weather." I grinned from ear to ear. This is a friend that knows me.

I have a friend who is a hoe. I ain't talking shit about her. She will sleep with anything. But she is fiercely devoted to her children and raising them right despite her proclivities. And she has a wealth of information about a plethora of different mundane situations. She is my go-to person when I am having ordinary issues. Also she has a bunch of children and I can get a meal when I go over to her rest. I don't judge her for her actions (which is different from agreeing with them) and she knows around me she can just be herself and I won't try to change her. Its working for her.

See where I'm going with this? I know I come off aloof and abrasive. But that is for people who deal superficially. Most people who make the effort to learn me are pleasantly surprised. And lets be real, I do not lose time fooling around with people who have eyes but don't see, ears but don't hear, a mouth but doesn't say anything, or a heart that only moves blood around.



Precise said...


Help a brother out here. What is the correlation to swine? I'm not getting it.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

They have those sharp bristles on their backs.... Right?

The Original Wombman said...

I don't think I come of as abrasive but I think most folks think I'm aloof or unsociable. This used to bother me but as I get older, I agree with you: it's a good thing. It takes effort to get to know me and I really do have to get a very good sense of who you are through and through before I let you in as my friend. I think in the long run, that could only turn out for the best. But it's difficult for me at parties and other social situations, I have to admit.