Sunday, June 6, 2010

Refinement...... Again

Peace Family,

This is another one of them venting blogs. I find it interesting how people choose to insert their ideas and values on others. Here's what had happened....

I was building with a female friend of mine. (Her name is Antionette) We met at Whole Foods. We hadn't seen each other in a minute. She was only in town for a little while. She looked at the way I was dressed, 3/4th, in a matching dress and headwrap that I made my self, and shook her head. She said she thought it was depressing that I should be altering my appearance based on what a man thought.

This damn argument again? Really?

Okay... Once and for all. I don't do this for a man!

I asked my friend why she felt like this. Was there something I had said or done to lead her to believe that I was following some man's orders. She did a lot of backtracking. She knew me before I went under instruction. I asked her if I wore revealing clothes before. She said no. I asked her if I had an exhibitionistic type of nature. She said no. I asked her if I readily listened to other people. Again, she said no. then I asked her why she thought I did this for a man. She said, because your a Muslim and everyone knows that that's how Muslim's do. How can you argue with foolishness? It just makes me tired.

It kills me how someone will look at me and tell me, not ask, but tell me that I am a Muslim. When I correct them, they get confused and tell me Muslims double talk like that. It's frustrating. I have been call a Muslim, a conjurer, a Rastafarian and a number of other things.

Now I know that Our Nation is unfamiliar to a lot of the masses. Especially here in the south. We, me included, have to work to change that. But why is it so hard for people to accept that they haven't come across everything? A man came into the job asking me all manner of questions. I don't like to get into my culture like that with patients because in the Bible belt "folks is very close to they 'ligion." I have had patients quit the practice because I work here. Saying they will return when the heathen is gone. But this dude was persistent. I gave him some information (from that he could have gotten off the web himself and he went running with it. Now he tells me I'm a Nuwabian. SMH. His woman is mad at me because he was looking for a reason to stop going to church and I gave it to him. Now he's walking around saying "Peace God" to everyone. Too funny. And he won't this 5% teach him or even lead him to a real God for civilization counseling.

Back to the clothing issue, for the last few months I have been doing the Knowledge on indigenous people all over the planet Earth. I have found that most indigenous women cover most of their bodies. There are some exceptions, but most Original women all over observe 3/4th whether they realize it or not. It's what's most natural for us. In places where you find people walking around half dressed you also find temperatures of like 140* on the reg.

I just finished reading the book, Black Indians. It was very informative and had lots of pictures. Whenever the media portrays Native Americans, the men are shirtless and the women are wearing these tiny little outfits with fringing. That's bull. From the pics in the book as well as my Internet research on specific clothing of Native American tribes, they were always covered up. Head to toe. You would be hard pressed to find them with their arms out. My point is that the media is sticking pins in our head by telling us that our people are uncivilized savages and the proof of that is that they don't wear clothes. B.U.T. You can find pics of heavily pregnant colored people in bikinis? Y'all feeling me here?

Since my friend loves colored people so much and has adopted a lot of their ways and actions, I can see why she feels like I am limiting myself. Why should I not have the freedom to show my ass to everyone if I want to. My point is, I don't want to. Me. I don't want that for myself. And nobody ordered me to feel this way. But I find it annoying and aggravating that folks have such a hard time looking outside there self proclaimed boundaries.



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