Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who is the Boss?

Y'all pay this Build close attention. Some how, some way, this is a message that has gotten lost throught the recent generations....

It is not cool to have ill-mannered children!!!!

Most of my friends and associates who want children have them. I like well behaved children. I do. I even like michevious children. I do not like, nor will I share my social Equality with ill mannered children. Children who are rude and do not know there place.

I am very close to the Cuture decade of my life. When my mother and her friends are having a conversation, I don't speak unless spoken to. I answer said question and then I bounce. Its rude to get in grown folks conversation. I strive hard to appear like I'm not listening. I know I'm grown, but they are growner.

I say yes ma'am or yes sir to adults. I don't call people who are old enough to be my parents by their 1st name plain. It ain't gonna happen. I was raised better than that. Hell... I was raised. And I ain't no worse for wear. I am not shy or withdrawn. I recognize that there are rules and boundaries that everybody has to observe.

Many women with children tend to fall victim to the habit of indulging their children at all times. If I had a dollar, a nickel even for every time I have been on the phone with a female friend and she, without notice, interrupts the conversation to yell something to or at her children, I could retire right now. That is fucking RUDE. I don't play that. That is one of my pet peeves therefore a boundary. I will call you on it the 1st time and every subsequent time after that, I will end the interaction.

I remember when I was a child, my mother would get on the phone and have marathon conversations with her friends. And that was before cordless phones. She was confined to a limited area. We knew to be very quiet and only interrupt her with emergencies. You know... fire, bleeding, police... stuff like that. The worse thing you could hear from my mother was, "Girl let me go. I gotta go beat these kids." My mother was not the kind of woman to promise an ass whipping and not deliver. Even if she had to wake you up to do it.

Another thing my mother despised was us embarassing her in public. On the way from the car to the store my mother would give me the speech. Folks over 35 know the speech... "Don't you ask for nothing, don't you touch nothing, if you do I swear to God I will...." And again, I knew she meant it. There was no running ahead. There was holding her hand until SHE let it go.

Now i must admit I was a handful as a child. I was not the beautifully behaved child that I expect to have one day. That is why I can accept micheivious children. But I knew how to act at home and abroad. I am proud to say, though I have had plenty of spankings, I have never been beaten for the same reason twice.

I was with a friend this past Sunday. Her young son was just running his mouth and doing precisely what he wanted. All the friend was doing was threatening him. Oh she talked a good game but never made good on the threats. This child went as far to say "Whatever" when she threatened him loud enough for it to interrupt a conversation we were having. Ummm.... Emphatically Now Cipher! That child was close enough for his mother to slap the whatever out of his mouth, but she just ignored him. I ducked so she would have room to make her theats come true. Nothings.

When we got out of the car that little boy grabbed a bunch of shit out of the backseat (some of it wasn't even his shit) and he took off for the door. I asked his mother if he had been here before and she said no. Y'all can see that this ain't gonna end well. After we were in the spot a minute, the little boy drops all his stuff on the floor and runs off to play with some other children. Folks know that we arrived together and bring the dropped items to me because they can't find him or his mother. Now I'm carrying bunch of crap and can't enjoy myself. Guess what? I'm 'bout to whip some ass.

I found the little boy and gave him his possessions back. He tells me to hold them. SCREECH. I grabbed tht little boy by the shoulder, dragged him outside and told him that he was gonna hold on to that shit and if when we left he was missing one article I was gonna whip his ass. And neither he, nor his punk assed mother was bad enough to stop me. I jacked him to proove that I was serious. He started to cry and I told him to suck it up because I wasn't his mother. I don't get paid to love him.

Then what happened? He had all his stuff when we left the venue. But that still didn't stop him from cutting a fool. When we got outside, his mother mentioned that he had to go to school the next day and he had a coniption right there in the parking lot. Again I threatened this little boy to behave. This time his mother was standing there and he borrowed some courage. You think that stopped me from slapping this child across his ass? Hell No. I told him the next thing I wanted to hear from him was Good-bye Ms Serenity. And if he tried soemthing I was gonna try something back. He was quiet until I got out of the car when he politely said. Goodbye.

Parents know their children are ill mannered. You can see it all over their faces. When their children begin cutting up they hide. I also acKnowledge that babies are the greatest, but they must be taught. They don't just organically learn to behave. To make devil or to make God, you must first go to the foundation. And that foundation is Knowledge. Children that are raised with proper Knowledge/information grow up to effectively reflect our Culture.

Fucked up children = Fucked up parents.

I'm not caring if you agree with this or not, but children that make it to adulthood and are knuckleheads should go home and live with their parents. Because they are the ones who authored that Koran. If someone becomes a sniper, stripper, pimp, drug dealer, thief or what ever illegal unsavory career they choose for themselves, it's their parents fault. For not instilling in said children the need for accountability and honest work. My mother is in he rmid 70s with all the problems that older, swine-loving, Original people fall vicitm to and guess what? I'm still scared of her and hate to disappoint her. She might be able to still kick my ass. I didn't have children when I was a teenager, I have never smoked weed or have been to jail. My brother neither. We respect our mother because she parented us. And she never (and still doesn't) try to be our friends. She will call a spade a spade regardless of whom or what. Yeah sometimes I resent her for it, but so be it. I have learned the value of hard work and earning my way in life rather than hustling. I was raised with Knowledge.

Consider how you are raising your own children.



SupremeVictoryAllah said...

Peace Earth,

You will hear no argument from me. My ole' Earth used to kick ass first and ask questions later and, although I sometimes felt she went overboard, my brother and I both lived and gained invaluable understanding from said wisdom. I would only beg to differ relative to the fault lying with the parent if the child ends up taking his or her life in the wrong direction. Always remember Queen, there are exceptions in virtually every cipher which defy probability. Case in point, my brother. My ole' Earth was on his ass the same way she was on mine during his upbringing. He went to good schools and was taught right from wrong well. Even still, and he will tell you this himself, he made a conscious decision to hustle, gangbang, and accept all justice that corresponds. The end result is a criminal record and wisdom bullets in his leg from being shot on wisdom spearate occasions. My point is this, your parents are only responsible for making knowledge born to you. Only you can save self from life as a savage and wisdom (your own wisdom) is the best teacher. Some people won't wake up until that felt wisdom of experience yields understanding. At the ripe allah god equality of understanding knowledge my brother is still tryin' to get HIS SHIT together. None of his blood will be required at her hand because she warned him of his wicked ways and thus he has only been a victim of his own iniquity. Regardless, you are right and exact in that these babies must be taught regardless of whom or what.

SV Allah

Anonymous said...

When I was a child, the only discipline I received was either a slap in the face, or a stick across my back (both with no explanation). The rest of the time I was ignored or pushed out of my single parent's sight.

Loving discipline is actually expected by children and some foolish parents actually think their kids won't develop properly unless given free rein, thanks to the erroneous theories of Dr. Spock, for one. Later in life he acknowledged his error, after the damage was done.

Take my word for it, an undisciplined child is unhappy.