Thursday, April 15, 2010

Religion is......

Religion is defined as belief in a superhuman controlling power and worship of such. The Knol wedge Power degree in the 1-40 defines the 10% as rich bloodsuckers who are on a mission to deceive people. I draw the so-called superhuman power as anything outside of self. Back in the day, when I used to dabble in conjure/rootwork, there was a very prevalent theory that rootwork worked best when all the parties involved believed in it. Otherwise the results could be thrown off. Christian preachers will instruct their parishioners to "pray without ceasing" or "more prayer more power." Does that not seem like tapping into a individuals own power? If that power is inherent why give the credit to an external source?

If you believe that money can fix any problem you might have and go as far as putting it on a pedestal, willing to hurt others or your self to get it, then your religion is money. If your children's wants and desires mean more to you than doing what is right then your children have become your mystery gods. Even if you imbue Supreme Mathematics, 120 and Allah with magical mystical powers that you do not question anything that is within or believe everything that is told to you regarding the Father, then you have converted Allah's 5% Nation of Gods and Earths to a religion in your own mind.

I'm not saying that we should not want money, or not care for our babies or not work to further this Nation's mission. No. What I am saying is we need to be mindful that the mission is not missionary work. Money is a tool to be used to attain the items we want. Our children are little people. Our responsibility is to teach and also train them to become functional adults that make a productive contribution to society. We have no ulterior goal within this Nation other than to bring people into the Knowledge of who they are and civilization. When I hear folks saying that we are full of it because we have no big buildings to point to or massive number to brag about; I have to consider the source. Do they Understand what we teach? What our mission is?

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Power abbt Equality. The Supreme Alphabet is Cipher. I See Knowledge as paying attention or AcKnowledging. Power is refers to one's abilities. Equality is balance. Cipher refers to my surroundings.

I draw all this up (Including the Knowledge Power degrees of the 1-36 and 1-40) as the key to maintaining balance in my Cipher (surroundings, job, life in general) has everything to do with being mindful of who ACTUALLY has the Power to affect me in some way. Does a crazy coworker have the ability to affect my job? I suppose yes, but I also have Power to squash the silliness and rise above a bad situation. I also can just leave said job. If another Earth does not like how I live out my righteousness, she has every right to her own opinion. But said opinion is really on her and not necessarily on me. If my family wants to call and tell me that they want nothing to do with me anymore because I am going to hell since I have blasphemed the Holy Ghost then so be it. They have every right to their opinions. But at the end of the day, it is me who has to determine my reaction to the Knowledge made Born. See? In my life... I ... and no one else holds all the cards. And it works that way for other people in their own lives too.

I remember as a child grappling with existential thoughts that all children do... Does the world just exist for me? Will the world end when I die? Of course we know that people die every day all day long and the Earth keeps its 1037 1/3 mph rotation. The Sun Keeps shining. But for that person who dies, everything does stop for them and nothing exists. So the duality is we exist for self and for others because our actions always affect others but are only relevant to us as long as we live. Yeah, I was a weird child.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth is a Righteous Earth according to me (primary) and my God (secondary). That's really all that concerns me in my Universe.

No one can affect you unless you first give them permission.



jaybirdnflight said...

i was researching the word "cipher" and i stumbled upon your blog in the google search. i've been on twitter for a couple of months, and the wonderful thing about it is i am exposed to different ideologies, concepts, and spiritual/religious beliefs. Supreme Mathematics is one of them. i had never heard of it before. so in my quest to learn more about this and others, i take in the tweets, click this link and that link and absorb. i did want to say that this was a very beautifully written, poignant, and profound explanation. i look forward to reading more of your entries to gain insight as i continue to my research and search for personal growth, power, and meaning...

thank you..bless.