Saturday, April 24, 2010

Knowledge God and Beyond

This probably will be a rant continuation. But it's different and therefore deserves a different post.

I never had problems in high school that I used to watch on TV. You know the ones where there were popular girls and girls who wanted to be popular and all that craziness. I went to a small Catholic school and everyone knew everyone far more intimately than you wanted them to. It didn't help that your entire 8th grade class (that you just spent the last 9 years with) went to high school with you. There were no secrets and there was no hierarchy. Everybody knew everybody and you just dealt with it. Who knew that was the peak of my adult relationships. I have been disappointed since.

I have expected people to behave according to there circumstances. You know... I expect college educated people to behave like they have good sense. Sorority/Fraternity people embody sister/brotherhood toward humanity. Christian people to display the "Christ-Love" they claim they have; or even ask themselves what would Jesus do. I mean they do wear those bracelets to remind themselves, right? And I expect righteous people, people who claim to have KOS, to live Mathematically. I have been frequently let down.

Some would argue, "Who am I to make such a statement?" I am a grown assed woman who says what she means and means what she says. I neither have time nor the inclination for foolishness. I detest messiness and the people who wallow in it. I expect grown people to behave grown. Grown people meet perceived obstacles head on rather than running around behind people's backs.

Alright.... This is not a "Hateful Bitch" rant. I have been pondering why shit works like this for some time. Since I ran into my first individual who seemed to exist out of place. And where as I have no answer for why other folks do as they do, my response to the situation is to avoid said foolishness and said individuals.

And I Really mean the next statement....