Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When was the Last Time.....

Yesterday I went up to the pharmacy (in my building) and there was a young couple sitting there. The pharmacy is good for eating lunch. You can view the city, buy snacks or a paper along with all the stuff you find in regular pharmacies.

What caught my eye was that these young people were having sort of a lunch date. Either one of them couldn't have been older than 23 if that. I had to listen just a bit. I overheard from their conversation that they worked in different offices and they were innocently flirting with each other and holding hands. After that knowledge was made born I left them alone to their own devices.

My question is this.... When was the last time you saw a young couple interact like this? I mean all cute and respectful. No tatts, no facial piercings, she wasn't pregnant just all innocent. Now I know that I only observed them for a few minutes. They could be plotting to blow up my building. But I was encouraged to see that this type of male female interaction. I wanted to share.



SupremeVictoryAllah said...

Peace Queen!

Mind detect mind all the time! I had a similar experience about wisdom weeks ago on the train. There was a young couple, who couldn't have been more than about knowledge born or so in age (each) making out. It wasn't raunchy or anything b.u.t. more on the innocent level that you built on. I drew up the way that they looked at each other between lip locks and the passion in those stares. It took me back to the time when that was the only thing that a young god looked forward to...a good juicy kiss, lol...and you were happy as hell to get it. I thought back to my youth and how just kissing a girl used to make me feel all high-explosive on the inside. I think that as adults, some of us could really benefit from a revisit to that innocence :oD

SV Allah