Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is my ownself?

Peace Y'all,

It's May. The time has come to "Raise the Rod." I normally do my thing around the Spring Equinox but since I have capped 120, and have a God who observes this, I have decided to work my program at this time.

I recognize that most people are going to give up something to show forth their power and prove that nothing has power over self. I'm going to take a slightly different appraoch. I am going to become the person I want to be. Dig it....

Okay. If you know me in the physical you know that I am a confident person. And that's accurate. But through the years I have compromised some of the ideals that I have set for myself. For example, I pride myself on the neatness of my surroundings. And my surrounding are always neat... not always dusted. I have gotten into the habit of not using rooms I don't wish to clean. But dust escapes no one. I even have dust in the car. I have really been neglecting my home. So much I have heard mself making excuses. Again it's neat and tidy, but I used to take time with it, bring in flowers. It's just not the happy place it used to be.

Also, I have neglected my diet a bit. I am busy and often tired. I still follow my vegetarian/nearly vegan diet, but I notice a lot more chips, soda and Kool-aid has found it's way into my cupboards. And I have begun to drink way to much coffee. Even if its decaffinated.

I'm just not sure any more if I'm the woman I meant to be.

Okay. Every problem has a solution. How can I get back on track?
1. I am going to be a little gully about excercising. I have a lot of various and sundry daily activities planned. I don't naormally excercise but I have heard that exercise gives you more energy, though I don't have personal experience with that. I could use some more energy.

2. I am going to implement the raw food diet again for a month. We will see how I feel about that at the end. Last time I went 100% raw, I got all weird and hippy-esque.

3. I am going to pay better attention to my home and work ciphers. make them more pleasant for me to exist. Bring in more plants, do a few household projects. Try to lift my spirits thereby raising my vibrations

4. I'm going to get out of the house more. Atlanta is a big place with a lot to do. I'm going to fight my bed (she is a dirty fighter) and get into more activities.

5. Allow myself to be happy and not feel like I should be doing something different. I suppose this one is called acceptance.

6. And water. There is always that

Sounds like a lot. It is. I am stiriving, that when June 1st hits and I look in the mirror I see the woman that I want to see. And when I look around I see the home I want. And hopefully I see the God getting dressed in his room NOT on vacation.


PS: If you want to follow my progress on this Raising the Rod business, check out my other blog... Within/Without.


Precise said...

A still, small, voice whispers in the distance "MASTER CLEANSER"........

I know..... I'm just messin'.