Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Families of the Planet Earth

Peace Y'all,

It takes something serious sometimes to bring you back to your square. To show forth and prove what is actually important and what is Bull.

I just found out that one of my step mothers is VERY ill with cancer. She just found out that she had breast cancer. The doctors said that she must have had it for a long time because it has metastasized to her bones. To add insult to injury, she has developed congestive heart failure. She is swollen. It was painful for her to move about because of the cancer, but now to superimpose the CHS had her trapped in her home (she lives alone) with only the fire department to break down the door and get her out. Now she is in the hospital on a morphine drip. She's not strong enough to begin chemo. So I suppose the cancer will run through her body until she is ready.

My sister called me this morning to tell me about her mother. I wept. I have 2 stepmothers and have always loved them. This particular SM was with my father so long I don't remember meeting her. My sister and I are roughly the same age and went to the same nursey school. I am close to both my stepmothers and consider their children my sisters. My father said he considered them his daughters as much as I was and provided for them in his will along with me and my brother. When I told my mother about my MS's condition, she paused and broke out into prayer for this woman, who 35 years ago she couldn't stand. These people are family.

I am also really close to my inlaws. I knew my late husband my entire life as well. We grew up in the same church. Our lives had intermingled long before the two of us began dating. We knew each other so well that we only dated 2 months before he proposed. It doesn't take all that. My husband returned to the Essence 7 yeras ago and I still communicate with my inlaws on a regular bases. My nieces and nephews call me Auntie (even the ones my age or older!) and my sisters and brother inlaws still call me "Baby Sis". These people are family

My brother's wife and I don't get along. That's a long damn story and it would be full fo bile and curse words. Y'all don't need to read all that. But let someone outside of our family come at her with some Bull... I will go all out to defend her. She is family.

I reflect Precise Infinite Peace Allah(in case y'all didn't know). We are not legally married. But I will give him everything I have and a few things that I can borrow. You know why? Yep. That Blackman is family.

My boss gave me the fisheye this morning. When my sister told me what was going on with my SM's health, I left my desk for privacy and a stable phone connection. There was no pretense of me doing any work until I had all of the information. When it comes to my family I'm like that. I don't ask for permission, I handle business. In the grand scheme of things, my family comes first. ANYONE I CONSIDER FAMILY. My boss said under his breath "You sure have a lot of family." I got in his face so that he understood I was not playing with him. I said. "Yes I do. And they come first, second and always."