Thursday, March 18, 2010

Interfering with my 196,940,000 square miles

I have been doing the Knowledge on indigenous birthing traditions. Not for any particular reason, mostly out of curiosity. In my various and sundry trails via internet, I have found that governments of most (I would say all because I have yet to come across a country that is completely cool with homebirth, but I suppose one exists) countries would prefer that the women labor in a hospital. Why? I'm thinking the reasons aren?t as altruistic as folks wanna believe.

Why is home-birthing and free-birthing such a hot issue? Women did it for generations. That is why there are people on this planet right now. Thanks to good old fashioned midwifery. Why does the government need to be all up in my and all women?s vagina? Can I not make my own decisions about how I choose to give birth? If I decided to do my own car maintenance no one would blink an eye. But if I decide to do my own prenatal care and birth at home I am an unfit mother? that's tricknology. Neither of my parents was not born in a hospital. Nothing was wrong with them. Yes women died during childbirth then, but they die now in childbirth now. So what's the deal?

Is it because the government is in bed with the doctors? Did AMA lobbyists force the government to pass laws restricting such a natural right? Think about this; I?m grown, yet I didn?t get a social security number until I needed it. I was 8 my brother was 16. Mommie was big on getting things together instead of making 2 trips. Before that, all my mother needed to claim us on her taxes was names and dates of birth. Now mothers need these kids' socials to get tax money back. That's stinks of government intervention to me.

Did you know that there are some states that do not allow a midwife to attend a birth? I did because I live in one. They don't say that I cannot birth a child at home, just if I choose to do so I'm on my own. Follow me now... To get a birth certificate for said child (you don't want him deported now do you, and the little ooger has to get a job eventually) you have to 1st prove that you were in fact pregnant (I guess pictures and a newborn aren't enough) via a signature from a doctor or midwife (so you cannot get passed a doctor), as well as an notarized affidavit with all the details. Oh! Child services has to come out and make a visit because if you birthed a child at home because clearly your parental fitness is in question. WTF?

I had a student once who claimed she didn't know she was pregnant until 5 minutes before the little devil was birthed into her own hands. When the paramedics got there and saw this messy baby still attached via cord and its mother was all she needed. They took them to the hospital to be seen by doctors, get all indoctrinated and felt up. This is fine with the government. She had no prenatal care, drank and smoked weed the whole time. But this is a fit mother. SMH.

Now I have not had the privilege of birthing a child. But it looks like one of the most natural things you can do. I have a medical background. I can and have read with a discerning eye. Labor and birth will happen regardless of the intervention. Most animals birth progeny without all the hollering and screaming (Pandas scream). If a woman just lay on the bed and didn't move, didn't push, nothing... that baby would slither out on its own. And if it doesn't, it kills mother and child. This may sound off the cuff, but that is natural selection simple and sweet. There might not be need for all this intervention if the women with deformed pelvises died out or didn't reproduce. Not Eugenics y'all but a natural weeding out process. Survival of the fittest. It would be eugenics if someone manipulated nature. I don't know... Like hospitals!

One of things I find interesting is that women who regularly choose to give birth at home are indigenous populations. They actively choose not to go to a hospital because of the poor treatment they receive there. They have their own traditions and customs. Yes more women who go to hospitals leave on their feet holding babies, but they are insulted sometimes tied down, kept away from their families and possibly surgically altered. Also women who birth in hospitals generally have less children. Hmmmm?. Wonder why this is? With all that hospital intervention, one could come down with an iatrogenic infection. Often times hospital will surgically neuter poor women by confusing them and gaining consent in the throes of contractions. Yo! I don't trust people like that.

If and when the time comes that I get to add on to the Universe, you can best believe it will be in the bosom of my loved ones. The old ways are the tried and true ways. What happens if a nuclear bomb or a asteroid hits the planet. How will the survivors reproduce?

I'm going to give you some fuel for your outrage. Take care of yourselves and your own people.


PS: Don't worry. I'm a vegetarian. I won't be eating my placenta. Even freeze dried. Hey! what do hospitals do with the placenta anyway?


Divine said...

Peace! It's so funny, I haven't been on your blog in a while, I'm pregnant now with my second child and I see this entry! The God and I are indeed planning a homebirth this time around. One of my goals is to bring this reality "back" to the black community as it is now seen as backwards and country to have a midwife or have a baby at home. Or at best some rich-hippy-white-woman stuff. B.u.t this is OUR tradition of birthing. And with the infant mortality rate so high for black babies (no matter the economic status) we must make all possible endeavors to ensure the safety of our mothers and babies. I bear witness, that natural birthing is the way to do this.

Divine IZ Earth, reflecting the light of Knowledge Said Allah

The Original Wombman said...

Yes, yes, yes . . . excellent post. I had my last child at home and it was simply amazing. I would never birth anywhere else (barring an emergency). I agree Divine, natural birthing is the way to do this.