Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have had my last uncomfortable conversation with friends. Word of my Nation membership is slowly filtering throughout my friend roster. It's weird too. Since it's been nearly 2 years. Yesterday an oooooold... ahem... friend that I haven't laid oeyes on in long over a year contacted me with a ridiculous amount of questions. He wanted to know why did I join and if I was still single? WTF? That makes no daggone sense to me what any thing has to do with anything else. He's not even a Christian! Yeah we used to go to the same church when we were kids and we were in the same class at Catholic School but he is in NO way considered a religious person. Why is he so constipated about decisions that have absolutely nothing to do with him?

My handy man (for real, he fixes things in my house) is a preacher. Has been since I've known him. He's a big flirt too. (aren't all preachers?) He, too, was initially angry when he asked (almost 2 years ago) why I started covering my head. This I never understood because it wasn't like he was my preacher. He and I were discussing some household problem, started chatting about this and that, the conversation shifted and I mentioned to him that a lot of folks and even some relatives decided to kick me to the curb because of my decision to leave the church. I was confused because I know that Christianity does not advocate that. I was just curious about his perspective since he is a clergyman. He asked, why would I want to be friends with Christians anyway? There are enough heathens in the world for me to chill with, why bother good Christian folk. **screwface** WTF? See the constant bull that I get?

Well, I'm done. If you cannot accept me for me... then kiss my ass on your way out the door. And I mean it.



Precise said...

"If you cannot accept me for me... then kiss my ass on your way out the door. And I mean it."

I'm on the phone right now waiting to speak to the head of the "Lady's Society."

ceeborn said...

Peace Queen.CeeBorn Allah from Father Love Allah.Remember its not what others think of you its how you see yourself.Anytime someone attempt to refine his or herself the 85% or 10% manifest that envy and jealousy.Dont get mad with them just remember before knowledge we also were deaf dumb and blind.Keep teaching and like the babies say,let em hate.Peace