Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's this Gotta Do with Me?

I was watching this show on cable called "How the Earth was Made." It is mad interesting if you?re into that type of thing, which I am. The whole time I"m watching the show I'm like, "What's this gotta do with me"? Because I'm Earth. I watched like 3 of them in a row. But the one I will Build on this morning is Asteroids.

Asteroids are heavenly bodies. Usually small rocks, but they can be enormous, that orbit something with a gravitational pull. They aren't just rocks hanging out and something collides in them. They have an agenda, they are in rotation around something. Usually the Sun. They are composed of a space metal like iridium and are usually covered in ice (its cold out in space) and they have no atmosphere of their own. When an asteroid comes in contact with a planet it is usually burned up in the planet's atmosphere, leaving dust to drop from the skies. It's what a shooting star is. But sometimes them jokers are big, or composed of a rock that will not disintegrate. The big ones, sometimes you can see them coming. That's when the issue starts. If it can make it through our atmosphere, then when it hits, there will be problems and situations.

First, the area that the asteroid hits will form an instant crater. The reason that is a problem is because Earth formations usually take time. And that time allows all parties involved to adjust to the changes. But the instant-ness of the asteroid crater (scar) formation creates a problem for the surrounding areas and the underlying areas. It breaks up the mantle of the Earth; allowing something to come to the surface. Sometimes water, other times oil, but even other times, magma.

When the asteroid hits it overturns rocks around the crater. The asteroid disintegrates but leaves fragments of space metal for miles and finally, it levels a sonic shockwave that reverberates across the entire planet. This shock wave can kill, circumferentially. A shock wave allegedly brought down the reign of dinosaurs. It doesn't just kill all the animals and vegetation, but causes earthquakes and tsunamis. That shock wave, very well may be the most destructive part of the asteroid hit, that is, unless the asteroid lands directly on you.

How do I see this in relation to me as the Earth? I see asteroids as external forces that reek havoc on Self. They come from who knows, and try as I might to protect mySelf through my own atmospheric shield; they get in and cause acute, intense and possibly long lasting problems. If they get past my shield, then it's going to leave a scar on my person.

Think of that bad romantic relationship that will forever stay in the back or your mind. That relationship will be part of every subsequent relationship that follows... Forever (space debris). What if a close family member that you depend on dies suddenly? That will reek havoc on you because now you have to scramble to bury that person, deal with the emotional baggage (space debris) of unsaid words and revelations (space debris), and find a way to support yourself. The people around you will be different too (shockwaves). In the case of the bad romantic relationship, people bounce when they see you struggling. They offer no means of escape and often they help the perpetrator because he wants to isolate you from the outside world and they let him. And in the case of a dearly departed folks will get all nosy, wondering how much money you have and how much they can get from you, but they don't offer to share their social Equality with you. Your presence reminds them of your tragedy and that makes folks uncomfortable. And if for their sake you act less unaffected; that's how the rumors get started.

Asteroids can be other people that come into your Universe with an agenda to cause problems. Sometimes you can see the big ones coming. The Earth cannot simply jump out of the way and avoid it. She is locked into her rotation, plus she has to spin on her own axis. Say you choose to involve yourSelf with a man who has kids. That is a big Baby Mama asteroid up close and personal. And ladies don?t trip, you see that one coming. As long as you have a relationship with that man, you will have a relationship with that Baby Mama. I have friends with children. I have witnessed them telling their children that they did not have to listen to "that woman." My own parents were separated and I have been told that I lack Self respect because I was polite to my Father's latest paramour. What kind of debris is that going to leave for that child, or for that woman? This is why I don't date men with children (shockwave). I burn that up in my atmosphere. My overturned rock in that arena is that the pool of remaining men is even smaller.

Broken Earth can be productively useful. The asteroid can break up the mantle of the Earth and bring forth a cleansing (water). It can bring forth a useful skill that can be used to earn more gold (oil). Or it can turn the Earth into a bitch of the highest magnitude (magma). I suppose it depends where the asteroid hits.

But that scar will never go away. It can fill up with water and become a lake. It can become fertile and grow vegetation and support animal life. It will eventually blend into the surrounding environment, but it will never go away. It's there forever. The impact was just that hard.

So for me, I will strive with all my power to not be an asteroid to someone else unless I am certain it will produce a beneficial result rather than set the stage for earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. And avoid all incoming asteroids to the best of my ability. But should one get past my atmosphere, I will be the Earth thst I am and keep on rotating.



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