Thursday, November 5, 2009

PSA Rant

I am Earth and the Earth is me. So I take it as a huge insult when folks don?t do their part in preserving the Earth.

If you have read any of my other blogs you are aware that I have this inherent crunchiness about Self. It?s not all out Birkenstock crunchiness but it is quite crispy. And I?m always looking for ways to be crunchier. So I have an affinity for environmental preservation. If every body does something? it doesn?t have to be extreme or severely uncomfortable? the planet will heal itself.

2 Chronicles 7:14 reads?? If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.? Mathematically this says to me that attention needs to the ways and actions that the righteous people set for Culture. People need to be taught to save this planet. It is the only planet that we have (though the devil keeps looking for another to screw over). If it becomes too toxic for life what does that mean for our babies? Because you know if they find a planet to move to they will leave our Original butts behind and that ain?t a bad thing. But I digress.

We gotta do better. For ourselves personally, our families, our Nation and our planet. We have to recycle. If you are having a home built make sure it is eco friendly, with solar panels, reclaimed parts, hygienic paint and all that good stuff. Everything doesn?t have to be brand new. Learn to cook your own food. I mean all of it. Down to the bread and condiments. Grow your own garden. Take mass transit if it?s available or walk or ride your bike. That?s good for you and the environment. Go back to cloth diapers. Don?t patronize businesses that aren?t eco friendly.

The more you do, the more you want to do. I bear witness to that. Also the reverse is true. The lazier you allow the lazier you?ll want. Just make one small change and see how that affects everything in you cipher and will affect other folks cipher?s too.

Example: If I begin to eat raw, and I prepare all the food for the people in my Universe, then the God will get raw and become more vibrant. He becomes stronger and healthier, and then he can shine at the Justice. He earns a raise and a promotion. Now he is in a decision making capacity and decided to make his work cipher more eco friendly. Everyone in his department become healthier. Production goes up and illnesses and work-related illness go down. Now he becomes head of the company and takes over the world! Okay?. I know?. It could happen. Our seeds eat healthy. They shine at school. They never become overweight or obese. They excel at sports and are intellectually dominant. They earn scholarships to college. They continue to dominate academically and athletically. All the students want to be like them, emulate them and elect them as leader. The come up with a fabulous idea that they institute while still in college. They sell it for trillions of dollars and become richer than the Wal-Mart people and Oprah combined. They take over the world?.. I?m just saying.

Do your damn part.