Monday, December 21, 2009

Who Do You Love? ... Are You Sure?

I'm hot this morning. It should be a favorable thing since it's 24* outside. But I'm inside now. This is something I see daily and it pisses me off to no end.

I'm on the train this morning. There is a Black man sitting down with women sitting all around him. There is a woman holding a baby that is giving him the screwface. I get up and offer her my seat. I in turn take her place standing giving this old (maybe 50's-ish) man the fish-eye (a la Aunt Esther). This man acts oblivious to what is going on around him. He begins to strike up a conversation with the only white woman around him. Asking her all these lovely questions using his sweet voice on her. My fish-eye is getting stronger. Then as the white woman is leaving, and she has an ass of luggage for some reason, she stumbles as she is getting off the train. Not stumble to fall, but misplaced footing. The old Black man jumps up to run and help her. Damn to all of us that have been sitting or standing. He actually bumped me! Now I was kind enough NOT to trip this ignorant Black man that was so blissfully helping out a white damsel in distress.... But I did take his seat. When he got back on the train, he asked me to get up. Can you believe that? I smiled and said, "I will.... When I get to my stop." He tried to carry on that young people had no manners. (That was a light compliment I suppose), but and older Black woman read him the riot act telling him that since he loved white women so much he should find a car with an abundance. The tom got so pissed and was about to say something when a MARTA policeman who had been on the train the whole time suggested that it was in his best interest to get off at the next stop and catch the nest train.

I get to work and its too cold to walk all the way to the front door. So I cut through the parking deck and get on the elevator which will drop me off right in the building... and it's heated. I get on in the doctors parking lot. I make sure my badge is out so that I have no trouble with the people that work there. They don't like non doctors getting on that elevator. Two other men get on the elevator with me. When the elevator stops, it stops on a floor that anyone can park on. This non-nurse gets on the elevator. I'm not sure of her ethnicity but I'm certain she's not white. She looks me dead in my eye and says nothing. Then she looks at the white males, gives them a big smile and greets them with an enthusiastic "Good morning doctors!" I rush to be the first one to respond even though I Know she wasn't speaking to me. She gets visibly shaken when I do that, but my tag is hanging out and she looked me up and down when she first got on the elevator. The other doctors giggled under their breath, but since there were two of them and it was just the four of us on the elevator, she heard it. I smiled and said, "I assumed you Knew them. Was I mistaken?"

My problem is with our people who live to kiss the white man's/woman's ass. What is up with that. Why do we hate ourselves so much? What is it about the white man that is so enviable? THEM was right when he made the statement.... He loves the devil because the devil gives him nothing.

I need a moment to calm down y'all....



Precise said...


We still have a lot of work to do. Especially down south. Oh man, black men down south love them white women. Uncle Ruckus new style all up in that piece. Our own people still fear us, and as if goes on further in that same lesson set (8:36) that fear was planted in us when we were babies. People don't even realize it's fear because it's all they've ever known.