Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Drawn up to Her Fullest Equality....

Okay... This is a topic that has the righteous community at odds with one another. It should not be an issue because I'm sure that we all agree with the foundational premise. But the manifestation of such is what has folks all hot and bothered. I also can be fairly certain that this debate will never completely go away. But I will put my stank on it so to speak. The Black woman is not a goddess.

If anyone should be on the feminist bullshit (perfect word for it) it should be me. I am far more educated than my male contemporaries, have a plethora of experiences and material possessions. I live alone and support myself as my mother did before me. I am the epitome of an "Independent and Strong Black Woman." BUT I am not a goddess. I am Earth.

There are significantly less women in Allah's Nation in comparison to men. That seems off for Yacub's world manifest. In religious or educational environments (and we are NOT a religion) you find exponentially more women then men. So stands to reason that Allah's Nation should follow suit. It doesn't. One has to wonder why. Is it because women find the prospect of being considered other than God distasteful? That's my vote. Though it could be said that Gods don't do enough to bring women into this Nation. I'd agree with that too. My personal experiences validate both points. But I'm thinking folks not seeing the reality versus what they want to see. Keep reading, I'll explain...

I am Earth not God. That does not mean that I am in any way inferior to God. I'm just not him. I am not a man, or a giraffe or a breadbox or a car. I am Earth. Simply put. God has his role and I have mine. Sometimes it is based on gender, sometimes it's not. But that's in my Universe. It will be different for every couple. The receptionist at a Fortune 500 company does not do the same thing as the caterer. But both jobs are necessary for the company to survive. Maids and butlers do separate jobs. As do directors of operations versus directors of marketing. Everyone has a different job description. But if you miss one of these positions, chaos can ensue. I am not God because I have my hands full being Earth.

Now I Understand why some people want to label the Black woman as a goddess. To many she is. Some people grew up with no Father or male role model to identify with. Mama was all they had and apparently all they needed. Now all women are expected to fulfill that role in their lives. And how do you do that? Gas her up by calling her a goddess. Then she will feel strong enough to go out there and work 15 jobs. Ummmm... Emphatically No! I neither want nor need it like that!

Personally, I think more women need to tap in to their innate femininity. We have lost it trying to be everything to all people. And I'm not saying let out you inner hoe. No. I am saying investigate what is on the internal that makes you, you... and makes your inner little girl sit up and take notice. Again, not advocating being a high maintenance princess. That's hard for the inexperienced to pull off, but I am saying try some things on and see if you like them. Being a feminine woman does not means the same thing to all women, but there are aspects of womanhood that are out of fashion now a days and I feel that we should allow ourselves the latitude to explore our options.



Anonymous said...

Don't know if you'll be up for it but I think you should read "When God was a Woman" by Merlin Stone. This whole idea of God naturally being a man and vice versa is not as natural as you may think it is.

And I say all this as an atheist who doesn't believe in the supernatural at all. I just see that associating divinity exclusively with men has not brought about the healthiest world.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I read that book years ago along with the Great Cosmic Mother. I'm familiar with the theories. But that displays inEquality just as patriarchal faiths have. And I don't advocate religion in any form or fashion. People need to figure it out for themselves...

SupremeVictoryAllah said...


I agree Queen. Also, to add on, differentiating God and Earth is not an exercise in chauvinism, nor does it proclaim that wisdoms are not divine. The concept of divinity applies equally to both sexes. As you stated, both God and Earth have their places and functions to carry out. Before humanity was manifested Allah was the only entity in existence self cipher he embodied ALL characteristics and qualities to which we bear witness, as they had yet to be differentiated. After manifesting God in the form of the asiatic black man, he determined that the feminine qualities therein would not adequately be expressed by man. He took the X chromosome out of man (knowledge) and manifested wisdom (XX)via the original woman. Understanding cannot be achieved without both.

SV Allah