Thursday, December 10, 2009

Knowledge Cipher

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge. I'm drawing it up to mean for me? That I must do the Knowledge to my Cipher, twice. First to gain an awareness of what is actually going on in my Ciphers and secondly, to make Knowledgeable decisions based on that information. Example... I need to do some housework this weekend because I'm having a bit of company on Sunday. The Cipher is my home and the Knowledge is an assessment of what needs to be done. Okay. The list is made. But why is the list as it is? Do I really need to rake outside leaves for an inside meeting? Do I really need to go all out putting on the hog for people who probably not notice the effort? See? Its evaluation and re-evaluation. 10:40 asks who is this mystery god? The answer evaluates and re-evaluates. Not only is there no mystery god, its a waste of time searching for that which does not exist. This reminds me of high school algebra. When I would complete an equation, I would do the proof to show and prove that my answer was right and exact. Yeah it was an extra step that wasn't required, but I was always rewarded with good grades (a button to wear on the lapel of my coat) and the peace of mind (free transportation to Mecca) that my answers were correct. Some folks would say that this is a waste of time. Well I say, that is Knowledge for your own personal Ciphers.