Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions for Wisdom Cipher Knowledge Cipher

Resolutions... I make them. Most folks turn their noses up at them. Gods and Earths word is supposed to be bond. So if we say it, then it should happen. But a resolution is not me binding myself via my word. I see it as a good idea rather than a pledge. Folks think that the 1st time they blow a resolution means that it is all shot to hell. I don't see it like that. The way I see it is it takes a minute for something to become part of you. So you will experience slip ups. Also when you make decisions often you don't know all that you might need to make it reality. For example if you say, "I?m going to be a raw foodist in 2010" and you don't realize that you don't have all the toys that go along with that decision because you didn't Know you needed them then it will take a minute before you can fully realize your goal. The way I do resolutions is: I make them, then I periodically check in on them to see how I'm doing or even if I REALLY want to; meaning will they really work I my Cipher. I make resolutions at various points of the Year.... Spring Equimox, my bornday, endof of the Gregorian year.... At some point, when I'm making new resolutions, do I decide if the old ones were successful or if they should be postponed or scrapped. Onto the resolutions...

For 2010, I didn't make a lot of the resolutions that I normally make. I realize that I am getting older and I Know myself a lot better. I Know what I like and what my proclivities are. I Know my capabilities way better than I did in years past. So a lot of the frivolous resolutions aren?t making it on the list this year. I have embraced my weight, and I have curbed the amount of shopping I do. I made peace with cutting the grass and yard work. And I finally Knowledged 120 and bought a car last year. So a lot of foolishness is just not up for discussion. What I am embracing this year is Love, Peace and Happiness.

My righteous name is Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth. Serenity and Peace seem redundant and maybe they are. I look at it this way... Since they both exist, I am going to really just completely veg and relax this year. I'm going to be vigilant about keeping my Cipher peaceful. So if that means that I don't speak to my mother often so be it. If that means that other people's personal opinions will have to find another place to gather... okay. If that means I will have to completely tune out from my job and the foolishness that goes with even to the point of finding another one... If I must. If that means I will have to look at my shrinking list of personal friends and make even more cuts... Then it will happen. I love contentment. And that is the theme for 2010 in my Queendom. So that means more housework --I hate a dirty house. A ptj--I have some bills that have lingering too long and I get annoyed when I pay them so they have to go and go quickly. And really giving serious consideration with whom I share my social Equality.

Another thing that has appeared on my resolution list for a few years now is children. It has gotten to the point where I have to "piss or get off the pot." I have had that on the list for a minute now, but it wasn?t until 2009 before I found a stable partner. I have been a 'bum magnet' for a long time and last year I began Building with a True and living God so now that resolution can become reality. But there is always a fly in the ointment. I am getting hella old. The plumbing works but the pipes are rusty. Just because I can have children doesn't mean I should. It wouldn't be fair to the child to bring one forth Knowing that they may lose their parents in their 20's, have to rub liniment on Mommie's back, going to the store for the Old God's 'rhoid ointment or a number of old people things that would ostracize them form the rest of their friends. Children should get to be children without dealing with their parent's issues and not live in fear that something will happen sooner than it should. My mother was in her 30's when she had me and her mother was in her 30's when she had her. We both Know what it is like to have to deal with children taunting us because our parents are older. Folks I interact with think it's funny to make jokes that I am as old as there mothers or that my mother is the age of their great grandmothers. Yeah that's about as funny as me drop-kicking them in the mouth. Yeah, my old ass can still do that. Also, having an older mother meant that she was completely out of step with what was relevant for me at any stage of my life. My mother is currently retired and she gets confused when she calls in the middle of the day and can?t get me. When I tell her I'm working she?s like, "Oh that's right." Indeed!

So that's it for me. All that is on the list: maintaining Peace in my Cipher and children. Should be easy to pull that off. Check with me next year this time.