Thursday, January 7, 2010

He Wants Us to The We are All Different

The 7:14 describes how the devil seeks to play on our differences to make Original people forget that Original people are Original people no matter what percentage. I look at this same degree and think that we are all different and within said differences can we find commonality.

I am what I consider an "Old School Earth." I do and see things more traditionally than my younger counterparts. I don?t see a huge problem with this. Change is the vehicle for progress. And as our Nation gets older, some things should evolve. Some things should not. I cover my head all the time when outside of my home. No unrelated man other than the God will see me bareheaded (unless I'm in the hospital or some trick like that). I don't eat meat. I cook... A lot. I do not wear pants. I do not perm or straighten my hair in any way. I do not wear makeup. And normally my skirts are floor dusters. I sew and tend to defer to the God's wishes. I'm old school. But I recognize that's me and how I do it. I'm not advocating all Earths gotta be like me. They just have to be able to show and prove the rational behind why they do what they do. They can parrot or be completely innovative. But in the end it has to add up Mathematically.

Earths wear pants. Some wear tight pants and/or shorts. To Show and Prove no less! I Know Earths that rarely cover their heads. RARELY. Some flat out refuse to cover their heads. I Know Earths that wear makeup. I Know Earths that perm, braid and /or weave their hair. I Know Earths that put it out there for the world to see, and still call themselves Earth. The only thing I have never seen an Earth do is ear a pig ear sandwich while burning it up with a white boy.

3/4ths is not a burden. No where is it written that a proper Earth has to look busted. I remember back in the 80's, some Gods would force their Earths to look like the NOI MGTs. Wearing just a plain long sleeved sack. It's not necessary to do it like that. Maybe I?m not as old school as I think. But I see nothing wrong with locking up the goodies publicly. That doesn't mean you can?t be sexy or alluring, you just don't have to be obvious.

The one thing I won't do is attack another Earth for her choices. She has a God for that. If her God is cool with her expression and reflection then who am I to argue? That's them. But should someone ask me? They getting my full unedited response. If she doesn't have a God, then she has to clearly make Knowledge Born why she is seeking my opinion before I answer. But still don?t ask me what I think unless you really want to Know.

That gansta retribution that this Nation is famous for amongst Gods has no place amongst Earths. We are refined ladies and we don't need get gully like that. Leave that with the men. I cannot think of a reason to strike another woman unless she strikes me or tries to harm mine. I will not come to fisticuffs with a woman because we share a difference of opinion. I won't even get into a heated debate. That's counter productive. I?ll bounce first. Unsolicited advice is one of my pet peeves. Ask, I'll share; you can take it or leave it. We don't have to agree. Religion says all must agree, not the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. Variety is the spice of life. I might learn something from an Earth that does something different. An Earth brought a dish to an Earth Cipher I had never thought to make. She gave me her recipe and I made it for the God and I. Now it is in heavy rotation. I have witnessed another Earth, teaching a newborn how to wrap her hair. That's peace. Our differences can be useful if it allows us to elevate. But forced elevation of grown women, is not elevation at all. Its oppressive. If I have something to contribute that no one is interested in then fine. That's Peace too. Folks don't have to do or view things the way I see them.

What I'm saying is... There is a time, a place and a proper method for everything under the Sun. Do the Knowledge. Be polite.



Divine said...

Peace! This build is right and exact in my humble opinion. PEACE