Monday, January 11, 2010

The Black Man Is God, Damnit!

As of late, a lot of my reading has been on secret societies. I know that some would like to see me angry and rebuke said societies. I cannot. Frankly, because the bottom line is the same with all these societies... That they don't tell the masses and keep to themselves... Is... the fact... That the... Black man is God. You ain't Know?

I freely, fully, without hesitation or reservation and loudly declare that the Black Man Is God. I love that declaration and revelation. Yesterday's degree in the "meat" asked, "Who is this mystery God?" Add on that I was having this conversation with a friend of mine earlier last week with a preacher friend. I was explaining to him why we in Allah's nations proclaim the Black man as God. This was a learned man. I asked him where human life on this planet originated. He replied Africa. I asked him who lived in Africa. He answered Black people. I asked him who came first them or us. He begrudgingly answered probably Black people. I can live with that response, from him. He's old and I don't want to stress him out too bad. I then asked him to put the concept of his Jesus God on hold for a minute... I assured him that if a lightening bolt shot down from the clouds I would jump in front of it... Who then would you consider a Supreme Being? He dropped his head and said Black men. Cool. That's one hurdle, but it is the small one. Then I asked him if he could prove the existence of his mystery god in a court of law. He said no. I said, "Well then there, who is left that can be called 'God'?" A preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ confessed that the Black man is God.

I, as an Original Black woman, feel fortunate to be an integral part of the God's Cipher. The Black man is the maker, the owner and cream of the planet Earth. I interpret maker as father, owner as consort, and cream as children. I am the daughter of an Original Black man. I am joined to an Original Black man. And Original Black men can come through my womb. What's not to feel fortunate about? I gain my props in every Cipher that counts! I like the part in the movie 300 where the queen says that Spartan women are the only true women. Because they are the only ones to give birth to Spartan men. Superimpose Spartan with Original Black and view the Earth.

120 calls the Asiatic Black man righteous, all wise, true, just, civilized, scientific, and all knowing and seeing. Probably more than that but I'm at work writing this. All these Gnostic texts and secret societies base their foundations on the FACT that the Original Black man is God. Why does a being this powerful need some 'kind of man' drop down on all fours and cry, "Yes daddy! You are indeed God!" I suppose the issue is that they are not properly disseminating the information to the masses. Or possibly, that they do nothing to empower the Black man. But what could they do? And is it even for them (devil) to do? Also, that information is out there for the uninitiated to learn. They hide it in plain sight. It's just not packaged in a nice curriculum and you might have to search for it. Now if the devil labors 35-50 years to learn this, why should I hate? Because of that labor, they will be less inclined to disregard the information. And as far as the public validation goes; why do Black folks need to be told the obvious by people who will suffer from the declaration? Does that make sense to you?

Black man I need you to stand on your square and man up for me and the babies. We are looking to you for guidance, love and protection. Black man stop being a punk and whining about what you didn't get or ain't got and go get it. Take what you want and need. Don't ask for it. Screw the devil. His time is past and he Knows it. He is a rotting corpse looking to take out as many of us as he can on his way out just for spite. Time to do for Self and for Our communities.

I Love You Black Man!



SupremeVictoryAllah said...

Peace Earth,

Thank you Queen, God needed that :o).

SV Allah

Blaque said...

Peace Queen,

I am newly born and am still seeking to gain more knowledge as my eyes are open and I thirst for more. Thank you for your words!! I will check out your other blogs and check out mine if you wish.
Thank you again!!