Friday, October 23, 2009

The Interview

I had a job interview last night. Who interviews at night? But.... I dressed in my standard interview suit. Did everything the way I had always done it, but with one small change.... My head was covered.

I already had my current position when I began adding on with our Nation again. So how I looked never came into question. But this time I walked into the office with my understated headwrap and had a long conversation with the boss. Who kept looking up at my head. It was a dual interview and a the second interviewer was looking at my head as well. The interview was after hours and the employees were leaving as I was coming in. They were looking too. No one asked me a question about it. Probably because they aren't allowed. This is a job that I know I can do and do well. AND I have a ridiculous amount of experience. But I wonder if my Refinement will keep me from the gold.



usupreme said...

Peace Queen.I know where your thoughts are going, but why? Why even wonder? Or guess? Do the 1. Draw your line even before you get into these situations. On what's most important to you and how far will you go to represent you. If you have means to support yourself, would you want to change who you are to get the job you want? And where do you draw the line? It could be your name, your natural hair, whatever, if not your headwrap? And if you can support yourself, b.u.t. you still want that job, that position, if you change yourself, was it really you to begin with? Of course if getting this job is the only way to support yourself then it may be only right to change some things. B.u.t. if it's not, then which one is more important to you, what you see as your culture (and why) or this job that offers or a link to another job that offers more money, more prestige, etc., etc. What does success mean to you? I'm just saying, it's better to do the 1 (if not to the situation than to your own thoughts) than to wonder. Peace