Thursday, October 8, 2009

Billboards and Such

The God said something to me last week that had to marinate within for a minute. He told me that I am on the DL with my “Nation-ness” in comparison to his “poster child-ness” for Allah’s Nation. Hmmmmm…..

Him: Either wears a flag or a Nation shirt wherever he goes. Seriously. The only other paraphernalia he wears reps his alma mater. But even when repping SU, there is a flag on his lapel. And when we go out... A crown on his head.

Me: I have not earned a flag…. Yet. Working on it, but no cigar. I went to Show and Prove with the expectation of getting my own Nation paraphernalia. But the selection for girls left me wanting. Not saying there wasn’t anything for Earths; just not Earths with my particular… ahem… needs. BUT… I am refined and all that goes along with that soooooo….. Am I not repping the Nation?

I don’t hide my affiliation; but I don’t have “EARF” tatted on my forehead either. I do's what I does and if you have questions you are welcome to ask as long as they are respectful, and I will do my level best to lead you in the right direction.

But does my lack of advertisement mean I’m not ‘bout it ‘bout it for my Nation? In my heart/mind no, but I suppose folks will have their own opinions. I had never given much thought to it prior. When I was a Christian, I didn’t go around carrying a Bible, wearing crucifixes or proselytizing either. I wish I had a big sister Earth or an Earth mentor to talk to sometimes.



SupremeVictoryAllah said...

Peace Queen,

I personally don't own alot of "nation-wear" either and although I did officially show and prove for a flag I have yet to receive it (for complicated reasons that I won't get into). The bottom line is that those buttons, t-shirts and the like are simply symbols and although they are peace I don't deem them to be pre-requisites in terms of validating nationhood so to speak. We manifest what and who the nation is via our ways and actions, not these trinkets or garments. Also, there are instances where it's best to come in a fine mist as opposed to broadcasting our cultural worldview in every single cipher that we travel through. Although it certainly shouldn't be hidden the idea that you have to be so focused on the "show" should never overshadow the drive to "prove" :oD. I think you get my drift.

SV Allah