Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Showing myself Friendly

I am a great friend. It’s true, I am. BUT I am not a patient friend. I don’t see that as being a prerequisite either. I have no time for the bullshit or pettiness that often comes when women befriend each other. I say women because for some reason I don’t have these types of problems with my male friends. You just can’t get drunk around male friends be cause they will try you. But I digress. I also have a vicious temper. Every single friend that I have knows about this quality. If you don’t know, then we probably aren’t good friends. So for the most part people who know me… really know me… don’t fuck with me. One thing I have no patience for is inactivity; meaning you can’t go ghost for no damn reason and show and get in my good graces. Nope.

A friendship is a relationship. I would not allow my man or my children to disappear and not hear from them for a minute. The same goes for friends. I’m not saying that we have to speak daily or have tea weekly. Nope. But I am saying that with all the technology out there, you can drop me a text message to let me know that you haven’t returned to the essence.

People make time for what they consider important. So if you and I have gotten to the point where we consider each other ‘friendly’, then we need to build on the regular based on the level of friendship that we have. If we tight, that needs to be demonstrated. If we at the level of associates and speak maybe quarterly, then that is cool. But don’t act like we homies when you call, because you will be informed of the realities. If we are work friends, do not call me outside of work unless it has something to do with the job. And understand that when that line of convo is over the call will be dropped. You see where I’m going with this? Don’t expect all the caveats of friendship if you not keeping up your end (11:14). And you get what you deserve…. i.e. Justice.

This is the south and southern people are notorious for expecting folks to be nice to them for absolutely no reason. I will be respectful to strangers, but not nice. Nice is something to be earned. And why do you want folks to be ‘nice’ to you anyway? Because it make your life easier; damn the other folks. I ain’t here to make your life easier for yourseld. I will meet you in the middle. I ain’t southern and I care not if my cell never rings, I do as I does. And I expect the same.