Monday, August 17, 2009


Wanna know what turns me on? What gets me going? What will make my heart as well as other parts skip a beat? What will always make me take a deep exhaling breath? What will hit my spot every single time without fail? What I dream about as I fall off to sleep? Fashion....... I love it. My childhood dream job was to be a designer (and a back up singer!). I used to design doll clothes for my friends. (I didn't play with dolls myself) Mommie told me to get a grip. "That's not a job for Black people" she would say. But even she acknowledges that I have a eye for fashion.

I know I said I wasn’t going to keep talking about my clothes. But I’m obsessed; and it is part of 'Serenity's Cipher'. I should start a blog called “The Refine-ista!” Serious fashion buffs get that. But 3 blogs is a enough for me to handle here at Blogspot.

It’s that time of year. Fall… The time of year where you stop thinking about sandals and start thinking about boots. The time of year where you start thinking about tweeds and coats. Hats and gloves. The time of the year wear the new clothes becomes foreplay. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

My favorite season is Summer hands down. And Spring is my close second. I like to be warm. BUT… Fall is the best clothing season hands down. It makes up for the cool weather. If you venture into department stores they have begun to mark down summer clothes. The fall stuff is coming in a few weeks! When I was in high school and used to work in retail, I would go to work early every time I had to go just to see what was new in the store. They only put the prettiest and best dressed girls in the new section. I used to step my game up so that I was That Girl. I was an assistant floor manager so if I looked the part, I had the clout to trump all them other chicks if I wanted it. No one wanted to work in the back where the sale merchandise was. All the greedy bargain bin heifers were back there and you had to work like slaves keeping those racks neat. The front racks were lovely and elegant. Even had space around the racks. Good times. Though you’d have to pay me a grip today to stand on my feet in heels, for hours at a time working retail. No sir.

But that was just the beginning of my obsession with fashion. The September Vogue is the Bible for the fall fashion. It can have over 750 glossy pages. I have all the September Vogues on my bedroom shelf of the Vogues since I moved to Allah’s Garden in 2000. I have the September issues, somewhere, since 1984. I’m telling you, this ain’t no joke to me. I start stalking the stores in August for the September issues of the big fashion magazines. Elle, Bazaar, Lucky (surprisingly), W, etc. I used to subscribe to Vogue, but they consistently sent their subscribers the September issue last. Sometimes you don’t get it at all. I don’t like that. But it is cheaper to subscribe ($12/year) than to buy every month ($3.99/month). I’ll just buy it and if I should get one in September, I’ll give the extra away.

Once I decide what I want, what will be the fashions that I pull from for that particular season, I go through my wardrobe and pull out anything that may match it. The joy of having such a large wardrobe is that I’ll probably already have most of the trends already. And I have purses for days. Love them…. I will augment the staples with trends that suit me. Don’t get it twisted. I won’t wear anything that doesn’t flatter me or that I don’t advocate. And if I have a favorite item I will rock it whether in or out of style. But I will not be unfashionable.

Example: Short shirts seem to be in all the designer’s collections. I won’t wear them. It violates the ¾ clause and I don’t care for my knees. See? Another example…. Stretch pants. I don’t wear pants; therefore, you won’t see me in any. Y’all getting how I do? Y’all should have known me when I was still and 85’er and took it all the way to hair (weave), make-up and fragrance. I am more than serious about this. This is one of the things that makes me me! And I’m certain folks be on that, “It’s not that important” or “You shouldn’t care about appearances” stuff. But if that was true then explain the reason for bathing or changing clothes every day without blowing your whole argument. I ain't shamed of my fetish. I would love to name my babies Halston, Chloe, Versace, and.or the twins Ralph and Lauren. Something tells me the God won't go for it.

I’m glad tonight is Monday. There is nothing on TV and nothing pressing for me to do tonight other than curl up on the bedroom sofa with my magazines, a legal pad and prepare myself to make frequent trips in and out of the closet. Sheer Bliss!



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