Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You Mad?


This is something that I have seen in our Culture over and over again....


You don't.

They don't have to like you either.

The goal of the student/teacher relationship is to disseminate this Culture to the 85%. Not to become besties. I get that folks want to like their Educators but is is not necessary.

What if you live in a remote location and there is only 1 God who is the said person of the ability to teach you? (I put it that way because both my educators put it that way at different points in our relationships.) You're not going to get at this Culture because you don't like the individual teaching you? What if you don't come across another God for a decade? Think about all the people YOU could have taught during that time frame.

Frankly it's immature to only have relationships with people you like. If you dislike your coworker, will you quit your job? If you dislike a family member will you disown the entire family? If you don't like your teacher will you quit school? No to none of that. You wouldn't. It's in your best interest to deal and go one with your life. But you don't like your Educator your done with NGE? WOOOOOOOOW.... Then you didn't want this.



c j said...

THIS POST WAS SOOO ON POINT!!! I respect my educator immensely. He'd let me know what I needed to do as far as 120 was concerned. That's what I asked for. I have it memorized and know how to apply it TO MY LIFE IN REAL TIME. He's truly a 'brother & companion' *27/1-40 to me. When I first learned of the culture, someone warned 'MAKE SURE THEY'RE REALLY WALKING THIS MATH.' My educators middle name is mathematics. I knew he was who I NEEDED to be educated by. He's a really good brother. He's great to me. Some of my family members don't get him but hey... THANKS 17 for being so on time!!!!!