Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Do You Want????


I am amazed daily at how unsatisfied people are. I am even more amazed that the source of their unsatisfaction stems directly from them not knowing what it is they want.

I vend. Small things. Crowns, headwraps, bags, jewelry, etc. I don't make my living vending. I have a square job. It's a hobby. My side gig includes my work as a seamstress. I make custom garments, alterations, quilts, etc. I have the ability to make things EXACTLY the way you want them. The problem is folks cannot articulate what they want. They need to see something before they know they want it. I find that odd. I am just the opposite. When I leave the house in search of something it is because I have developed a clear picture in my head regarding what I want. I don't purchase what people have to sell; more so, I buy what it is that I want. I suppose that's why I sew. I can make exactly the garments I want to wear.

Nothing pisses me off more when someone leaves my table to walk over to another table selling the exact same thing and buy something. Not because I don't have it... I make them right there custom and it takes me exactly 20 minutes to make a crown from scratch.... but because they don't know what they want until they see it. That leaves me to have to anticipate what folks want. And I do, but I much rather folks tell me exactly what they want.

Y'all see where I'm going with this? I'm using my side hustle as an example of what I consider a bigger problem. Folks not knowing what they want or having unreal expectations. All of that leads to unhappiness. The same people who cannot tell me what they want in a crown, or garment, or quilt don't live without these things. They go on to lay down their gold for what someone else tells them is what they should have. That's not cool and it certainly is not mathematical. The 1st tenet of this Culture is to Know oneself. Knowing onself implies you know and understand your own desires. If you don't know yourself, how do you know that you are living the life you want to live? Are you working the job you want. Are you driving the car you want to drive? Is your consort the person you want? Are you just settling?

I know that I have no desire to eat at a steakhouse. So if someone suggests we go to one, I will politely say, "no thank you." I will not lay my gold down at a place where I know my interests are not going to be met. But before I act, I will do the knowledge to the restaurant. If they have food that I will eat that meets my price:quality expectations I will go.... and not before. Serenity Knows who she is and what she wants. And if I don't know what I want, because no one Knows everything, I Do the Knowledge.. Sometimes mutiple times before a I act.

Don't you love it when a build corresponds to the day's math?