Friday, May 3, 2013

I have a CEE


Apparently I’m a “new age” Earth. That’s what this so called 7 called me on Facebook. Why do I say that? Because I have a voice and a Cee that is apparently new to some folks. And I was unaware of that particular view …. See, it seems that Earths in Allah’s nation are only supposed to think and do what their God thinks and does. Interesting….

Before meeting Precise, he and I had individual relationship goals. My goal was to have 120 on cap when I got into my next relationship. I have shared my previous experiences of why I found it to be necessary to have 120. And for Precise he wanted to have a family that was all in this culture and that included his Earth having 120 and his babies eventually having 120 too. But when you give a person the tools to know how to form their own personal cee, why would you expect them to not use it?

My 1st educator gave me math and alphabet with his definitions. And I memorized them. No questions asked. He also gave me 120… in lesson sets… but never asked me to build on a degree. Not ever. He focused on accurate recitation and calling up degrees on demand. I don’t know why he taught like that. I was a newborn and had no frame of reference for what I was supposed to be getting. BUT… I had been a Christian prior to undertaking study and I knew how to apply scripture, so I used that ability to apply degrees. But I did that instinctually, sort of. Lets be honest, applying scripture was something I had been taught in school (Catholics can be progressive at times). And 120 seems like a holy book to newborns and 85’ers, so…. I just went with it. Luckily it was appropriate.

When I had to go back all the way to the beginning of Supreme Math with Precise… after finishing 1-40 with my previous educator, He just gave me the coordinates... with no definitions. I proceeded to use the definitions I had memorized, but apparently they were the industry standard in definitions and Precise clowned me for using them. He required that I come up with my own definitions. And build on them and the mathematical coordinate. He required that formula for every single degree, SM and SA. It was not easy, but I did it. And don’t think because I was his woman that meant he went easy on me. He clowned me abrasively when I presented him with bullshit. But he did kiss the boo boo afterward….

After going through all that effort, why would I lay back and recite words that I hear coming out of Precise’s mouth? I’m neither parrot nor tape recorder.

Let me go on record and say, I don’t cee everything the way Precise does. Why would I? We are different people with different experiences and different predilections. People really feel like I should cosign what he cosigns. That is not realistic. We have different views on almost everything. What I think the problem is, is folks are superimposing their limitations on us.

A lot of men think that it is disrespectful for their women (or any woman) to disagree with them. It’s ok if a man disagrees with them but it a woman, especially their woman disagrees with their view it is an insult. I have no clue why men see it that way. Not none. I mean, didn’t they go to a coed school? I’m certain that on some level, somewhere, they had to come in contact with a woman who disagreed with them. Did they get insulted every single time? And men want to get physically aggressive with women who openly disagree with them. Why? I mean really, Why! A normal sized man is stronger than a super diesel woman so what are they proving? They can’t show and prove so a slap in the mouth should suffice? Try that shit with Serenity and see if you get to tell the story to others…..

I also hear that a lot of men were socialized to think that women were inferior to them. Sort of like Rudy’s friend Kenny on The Cosby Show. But each time Kenny got in a jam, it was Rudy that pulled him out. But he honored his brother’s no job having, ex-convict opinion of life. But again that argument is pork bologna because there isn’t a Black in this wilderness who hasn’t been aided by women. It’s how it works here. So were do men get this misogynistic attitude from?

You can’t say it’s prevalent social more’. That particular more’ went out of style decades ago. And a MAN being the BOSS and his word goes 100% of the time kind of only works if he is the one bringing in ALL the bacon and that doesn’t happen 100% or even 32.89% of the time.

Is it because men can’t bear to hear a woman speak? No that can’t be it. Most school teachers are women. Chances are that a woman taught them how to read and write. A woman potty trained them and taught them how to use forks and plates. And I’m certain they work for or with women. So….

Another thing I have noticed… Gods do not like it when a woman uses the term “God” in any build that has to do with herself. REALLY? So because a woman is such, she is not allowed to build on mathematics if the day has a 7 in it? I’m restricted 3 days a month from building? I didn’t say that I was God, but I do get to build on it and not just in reference to the original man.

I have heard Gods say in the cipher, “I don’t know why you’d teach your woman 120. She would just call you on your bullshit.” Enough said. But Bullshit is self evident. You don’t need 120 to call someone on it.

Don’t misread and therefore misinterpret my words. I’m not saying the God ain’t shit and that’s why I don’t listen to him. I am saying the God encouraged, encourages me to think and I do so. A lot of the time it’s our differences that make our life together sweet.