Wednesday, April 1, 2015



It's the 1st of the month and always on the 1st of the month folks have Builds with regard to Knowledge. I am no different. I think it's because Knowledge comes 1st and it's the 1st degree that folks learn to Build on.

Well the 1st degree in 120, is the Knowledge degree in the Student Enrollment. Everybody gets degrees in different ways, but folks usually get 1:10 first. Folks also ask, “where is the Earth in 120?” The Earth is anywhere she wants to be. So lets get to it....

Who is the Original Man? The Asiatic Black man. Well... Who is the Original woman? The Asiatic Black woman. Your Foundation should always be the Knowledge of one's self. Doesn't matter if you have a penis or a vagina. It is imperative that we know who and what we are all by ourselves. Not just I'm a mother, wife or sister. Those are relationships with other people. I am Serenity dammit. I am a woman of conviction and strong temperament. I am smart, attractive, I am well traveled and cultured. I don't need for someone to validate that for me. But that's me.

Next comes relationships with consorts. There are primary relationships in life. I'm a grown woman. My primary relationship is with my God. Not my father... though my father was my original primary relationship. And I don't have a child, but if I did, my relationship with their father... if we are together... supersedes that. If the parents are okay... the children are okay. My inlaws had 7 children. And you could tell that they were very much in love with each other. Their affection for each other didn't mean they didn't love their children. Their love caused the children. And when my MIL died her husband followed shortly their after.

The Maker the owner the Cream of the planet Earth. Maker = Daddy, Owner = God, Cream = child of this planet Earth. All my relationships with the men in my life. Father of Civilization = Mother of Civilization. God of the Universe = Earth in the Universe.

I'm all in that degree.

I find that people are uncomfortable with a certain level of confidence. I don't get that. It is my opinion, that when folks lack something in their lives, they resent it when other people manifest it. I don't do that. If someone is inspiring hate in me... I take a moment to analyze why I feel as I do and then adjust me. The one reason why folks feel short on their ends is because they lack Knowledge of themselves. If you Know yourself, you likes and dislikes, you tendencies and proclivities. You best traits and your shortcomings, then you can put your best foot forward in the world. If you can't cook, don't volunteer to make food. But if you excel event planning, then do that. And don't hate on the people who can do what you can't.