Monday, April 20, 2015

The "Lord's" Day.....


I left the Xian church when I went under NGE instruction. Where as I don't ever regret that decision, there are some things that I miss about the church. I miss all the extra things you “learn” being in that particular environment. It's like how you learn and do things in college other than the scholastic things. I miss the fellowship of the saints. I had some... what I thought... were good friends. I REALLY miss singing in the choir. NGE has nothing to replace that. But most of all I miss how my Sunday and therefore my week, was organized.

Back in the day, Sundays were “Holy Days.” My grandmother didn't cook, iron, ride in the car, shop, or anything that looked like work on Sundays didn't allow us to on Sundays either. So that meant Everything was done the night before so that we could spend the day basking and considering the mystery god's holiness. My mother wasn't quite that strict with Sundays. But there was an Understanding that the primary thing that Sundays were for was for the church and family. So.... That meant a big breakfast and a big Sunday dinner. My mother would fry chicken or salmon croquettes on Sunday mornings and finish off my hair. She washed and pressed my hair the night before. But her curling iron still went in stove fire. We would be in church from Sunday school until the morning service was over. No matter how long it took. If we didn't eat at the church, then there was big dinner at home unless we went out. And... we had to dress for Sunday dinner.

Homework had to be completed prior to Sunday. The biggest way to get in trouble was to be caught doing homework on a Sunday. In her defense, you did have 2 other days where it could have been done. Sunday was a day where if we weren't doing something church related, I could do fun/social things like go to the movies or bike riding or skating, etc. Saturday was dedicated to Sunday prep; cleaning the house, homework, laundry, etc. If I wanted to be social, then all my chores had to be done 1st.

When I slipped into adulthood, I realized that my mother had organized the weekend right and exact. There was no telling how long you could end up in church. As I got older and more involved in church auxiliaries, I would find myself in church until 8pm or later. After all that, there is no time to get ready for the rest of the week that financed church activities. And after I got married..... YEESH! If I wasn't in church all day on Sunday, I was at a family member's home. Sundays were always a day of full downtime.

But nowadays.... I find myself on “grind” all weekend. Seriously. I need Monday and Tuesday at work to relax and take it down a notch. All 3 days of my weekend are pure work. Friday I can clean the house without the 7 interrupting since he's at work. Saturdays find me running my errands and Sundays find me doing any leftover housework, shopping and cooking for the week. And the 7 chills for 2 days. To be honest... and I know he reads this... I get a perverse pleasure from watching him do yard work. He only needs to consider the yard 2x/month from April-October, where I'm cleaning that dustbox every damn weekend and the kitchen every day. But.... he does have more pressure to get his part right. We have shitty neighbors who call the law on us about the yard and house.

One of those 3 days of my weekend, I need to truly decompress. I'm thinking since I start my work week on Mondays, it will fall back on Sundays. Big breakfast, big dinner and nothing that isn't pleasurable in between. That way I'll start my work week relaxed. But that means I'll either need to pump up Fridays and Saturdays or just decrease the amount of activities I do on the weekends.

A cause for pause....