Monday, May 23, 2011

Work Your Understanding

Peace Y’all!

I’m in an exceptionally good mood today. It’s Monday and I’m always in a good mood on Mondays. I expect Mondays to suck and suck royally, so I have nothing but horrid expectations for a Monday. When it happens I am not disappointed. When Great things happen or even ordinariness, I am pleasantly surprised. So Bully for me!

In that same vein, I’m in love with my Nation. I am. I really love Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths today. And let me tell you why….. Because we encourage debate and discussions!

This weekend’s failed rapture had me thinking about various religions. It’s a hobby of mine to study religions. I want to know why people feel so strongly about something improbable and un-provable that they are willing to give their lives for it. Even when I was a Christian I recognized that I had limits. Yeah I would sing, “…I promised him that I, would follow him until I died…” but I didn’t literally mean it. I went to Catholic school and read about many martyrs. If presented with the choice of denouncing Christianity or be fed to lions, I’m thinking I would be whatever they wanted me to be. Then I got to thinking about Jim Jones and the Heaven’s Gate ministries. Those people voluntarily committed suicide for heir faith. Again… I ain’t doing that.

The thing that allows religions to have this choke hold over their followers is because their followers aren’t allowed to ask questions or deviate in any way or form the dogma. They don’t encourage study of other faiths either. Trust me, I bare witness on this. There was a question on Family Feud that asked, “Name a place where you get thrown out of.” And the woman answered “church.” Steve Harvey was flabbergasted and said, “Church is where they let you come after you have done anything.” But it isn’t. I have been asked to leave several congregations because I think differently than the average Christian and they just weren’t amenable to my point of view.

In our Nation, you are allowed to have your own view or “Cee” on things. You just have to Show and Prove. I have heard what I would consider frank foolishness come out of the mouths of righteous people, but…. Their logic was impeccable. What can you say at that point? To argue with logic means that your feelings have gotten involved, and feelings instantly invalidates your case. We accept that we don’t have to all agree with what is being said. Occasionally the God and I don’t see eye to eye and that’s cool too. He’s my God and educator; but he encourages me to have my OWN thoughts and actually wants to hear them. I just love it when individuals with different sees on a subject sit down and discuss their thoughts. We don’t try to sway those who are already righteous to cee things like we cee them. But it can spark new understanding and new ideas. That’s nothing but benefit.

Now… You knew there had to be a fly in the ointment… I have noticed that in some kingdoms, Gods don’t like it when their Earths disagree with them. Okay, I can sort of see that. But an Earth having a different opinion on something doesn’t make the God a cultivated pussy. Again this is my cee. But some Gods (a) don’t teach their Earths 120 for whatever reason and/or (b) do not want their Earth to have a different point of view from them. They want their Earth’s mouths to be parrot beaks repeating everything the exact way the God has told them without any change. How can said Earth have any Understanding?

Understanding is unique to every individual. But that’s my cee. Like I mentioned earlier, my God encourages me to contemplate life through the lens of Supreme Mathematics and the curriculum. That’s why I can write my lovely and informative blog!



Sheann said...

Peace Sister,
My God and I were building on this today. Why is it that God's dont teach their Earths the 120?
Im new to the,nation, so I didnt have 3 in this,matter, and I still dont. How can u expect your Wisdom to be the bridge to understanding? Clearly they can't.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Some Gods don't Teach their Earths. But some do. Clearly my God did. But I have heard Gods say at the parliaments, that they don't want their Earths questioning them. SMH. Maybe some Gods can't teach women. IDK.

Back in my teenage years, I did a bid (that is what I call it, because it was so bad) with a so-called God who only taught me Supreme Math and some of the Alphabet. Just enough so his friends thought that he taught me.

Your guess is as good as mine. It ain't like you are going to walk up to a God who doesn't teach women and ask him.