Monday, January 7, 2013

11:AF/Beaver Moon


Making this one up. The computer ate my build!

November’s Full Moon is called the Beaver Moon. And the corresponding Actual Fact is there are 1760 yards in a mile and 5280 feet in a mile.

Beavers are interesting animals. Folks can eat their meat but most people use beavers for their fur. I have a beaver coat and it’s lovely, warm and water repellant. They live in water as well as on land. What’s interesting is they don’t hibernate. So for the folks that eat their meat, this becomes a viable food source when other sources are absent. So they have multiple functions.

That is the same with the knowledge Knowledge degree in the Actual facts 1=1. 5280 feet = 1760 yards.

I draw this combination of information up to mean there is more than 1 way to accomplish a goal. 6 in 1 half ½ a dozen in another.

So many people get caught up in thinking that there way is the ONLY way to do something. There is a saying in the dental industry… “What ever works in your hands…” Essentially it means that some folks will have a proficiency with one product or method and another might not have but that same person might use a different product or procedure that does the same thing. At the end of the day the patient gets what they need. I’m old school with my injections. I use the long needles. I haven’t missed a block since 1994 and my patients don’t feel them because I’m good at distracting them and I do this pre-anesthesia thing and they just never feel it. Also I believe in honesty. Some shots just hurt and I tell folks this up front and let them come to grips with it. Now there are newer ways. But I’m not good with those ways. And in the back, I think why should I have to learn that when my way works fine?

I carry this into my non professional life as well. I don’t look at others and say, I want exactly that. I have said that and done that before. I didn’t get what I expected because that wasn’t for me and my particular set of circumstances. That whole I’ll do me and you do you…. people say it… but they don’t mean it. Folks always want to put there values and opinions on you. Do let them do it to you. Because what worked for them may not work for you in your situation.

EXAMPLE: My parents believed that education was the answer to a lifestyle upgrade. The thought that it could be a trap was beyond their reasoning. You see education did in fact upgrade their lives and gave me a very blessed childhood. But that same blueprint didn’t work for me. The people of my parent’s generation… they were the education pioneers. My parents had degrees in an era when most people didn’t finish high school. Black or white. But now… everybody has degrees! I have a doctorate and that doesn’t make me special. Everyone has them. It’s not nearly impressive now as it was in the 50’s. And I am struggling to pay off student loans that I swear will haunt me until I retire and die. I live a good life, but my mother makes more than I do retired than I do working!

This happens to everybody. You may go to the mall one way, but your spouse prefers another way for whatever reason, shorter trip, nicer views, etc. I see this a lot with Gods and their degrees. For some reason Gods think the only way to teach this is to do it they exact way they got it. I understand the tradition part, but as a former teacher, I recognize that every student learns different. You need to adjust your teaching so that they can understand. Otherwise you have just have a bunch of parrots who don’t Understand how to manifest this life in Peace and beauty. There are many reasons why people make choices different from yours. About as many as there are people. Everybody is different and it should be that way. That’s how progress happens. Be mindful of this next time you jump on another person’s build. Just lay in the cut and take the best part.


PS: I ain't lying... I'm glad this challenge is over!!!!!!! I will think more carefully next time I challenge myself like this....


Leigh said...

Very interesting post. And very well put. I agree.