Monday, January 7, 2013

12:AF/Cold Moon


I have a bunch to catch up on. We had death in the family and Kwanza was a bust. Always taking the best part means we don’t have to buy candles next unless I use them for some reason. November’s AF build disappeared…. And I cannot find it. I notice a lot of things I do from this computer goes missing. But I am going to finish what I started.

December’s full moon is called the Cold Moon. That takes NO imagination to figure out why it is called that. The 12th or Knowledge Wisdom Actual Fact for is the Artic Ocean is 390,000 square miles. 390,000 borns 12 ant that is abbt 3… Just like 12 it’s coordinate. Makes it truly nice and neat.

December is a cold month. And many people hate it for that. The Artic Ocean is the coldest of the Oceans listed in the AF’s. I don’t see many people booking passage on cruise ships leading to that destination. Most folks don’t like the bitter cold. That’s not saying that people don’t live in bitter cold. The God has family in Alaska. Folks can deal with it. But that’s what they are doing Dealing.

I, personally, find winter unpleasant. Even here in GA. I know we get mild winters. The winters aren’t mild per se. They are just as intense as my native NJ winters just shorter and without snow. My problem with the cold is all that comes with it: heavier clothes, ice, heat bills, the eczema, not being able to enjoy the outdoors or wash my hair like I want. I just feel trapped at my job, trapped in my car and trapped in my home for 3 months. But as always…. I take the best part (Understanding). I use the down time to learn something useful (knowledge). I plan my escape from the winter. And about halfway into the cold punishment I start putting (Wisdom) my plan into action. This year I’m planning a vegetable garden, getting my thoughts together about another fast I do every year right before spring and Rosetta Stoning Spanish. Those 3 things will bring forth (Born) something. I think I know what, but age has taught me that plans are TRULY tentative.

And on that I will say …….