Monday, May 17, 2010

I Wonder.....

There are some Somalians who work the parking deck at my job. My mother told me that it doesn't cost a thing to speak to people and that there are no invisible people in this world and I ought to be cordial to everyone.

Every morning I pass like maybe 5 of them standing outside. I used to speak to them. I say 'used' to because I no longer speak to them because they never spoke back. They don't smile they don't even move out of the way. I have hit a few of them before because they will stand in the walkway in bulk and no move when they see me coming. I ain't stepping in the street because they won't move. But I have witnessed them move for men, black and white.

Did you wonder how I knew they were Somalian? There is a woman who works in the parking booth who told me that they were Somalian. When I speak to her, she speaks back. She told me their ethnicity. She also told me to not be too concerned about their rudeness its just how they are. How they are? They aren't used to the way women exist in this country. And they weren't socialized to interact with women. So how can they be valet parkers? They interact with women all day long.

But the big question for me is..... I wonder what women in other countries think of themselves when their men don't think highly of Women?