Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog Philosophy

I meditate most mornings. My meditation includes physical activity and 120. While focusing on the degrees a blog idea came to the forefront of my thoughts. That's usually how it works. The idea was to do some housekeeping and set some ground rules for this blog.

I blog a lot. I have 7 blogs out in the blogosphere. I have 4 right here. I have had this particula series of blogs for 2 years. I have never needed to formally post any ground rules. I believe that people have an innate sense of propriety. But that innate unconscious sense can be manipulated because it is unconscious.

I'm only posting this philosophy on this blog because this is the parent blog to all the blogs in blogspot.

So here goes....
I. This is my blog. That means this blog is attached to Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth's email address and password. Therefore I will make the determination of content in any of my bogs.

II. I will not debate people in the comment section of my blog. Everyone is welcome to comment. But If I find the content of your comments inflammatory or incendiary, I will delete it. You know why? Refer to I. If you want to discus anything I have said in debate form, email me. You can hit me at facebook. I have not blocked my page there and you don't have to friend me to leave a message. Same with myspace. Like I said a lot of people already know and do this, but it bares repeating.

III. This is the most important rule.... Pay very close attention.... If you don't like my blog.... it's content, it's layout, music, anything.... Then don't read it!

I blog because it's cathartic. I don't blog to make friends and be popular. I have friends and I'm beyond needing the validation of popularity.

It's a shame it has to come to this. It's Leviticus all over again.