Thursday, November 21, 2013

My A-likes/Brothers.... NOT


This Build is sparked from a Build at our most recent Parliament. A God was Building about the relationship between Gods and how he was closer to the Gods than he was his own siblings. The term ‘brother’ and occasionally ‘sister’ was bandied about for awhile in reference to how he felt about some non-related people, but it got me thinking…..

Gods use the term “Alikes” or “A-Alikes” to indicate a strong fraternal feeling towards another God. It means they share the same views on this nation and life in general. I’m not saying that one God is a parrot of the other but these 2 or more share a great deal and they feel kindly towards each other.

Alikes aren’t brothers/sisters.
(My 7 says that the term, Alike should only be used amongst The Gawds because of the A. No comment from me at this moment)

When it comes to fraternal feelings…. My Cee is Love which you have for folks outside your family can be a stronger bond than within. Follow me on this…. You cannot choose your family. You do however choose your friends. I’m not saying your mother, father, brother, sister and assorted relatives cannot be your bestie. But your friends are always in your life because of your choice. Is that true of your family? I love my family, but had I been able to choose.....

What if your brother molested you as a child… Your sister is a clepto…. Your brother is a thieving crackhead…. Your sister slept with your husband and is having his baby….

Because you are related by blood to these people chances are you can’t just cut them off. Trust me on this, I know. I’m a cutter-offer. Your parents and family members will remind you of them unless you cut them off too. next thing you know you have NO family. But… if a friend did these same things to you… you can cut them and cut them off and never see or be bothered by them again. See where I’m going? The people who you invite into your life often mean more to you than you own peeps. So for you to call a non-relative your ‘Alike’ means more than calling them your brother or sister.

This is why it’s important to watch the words you choose.