Thursday, November 26, 2015



Now you know I don't blog when I'm at home. I'm just not set up comfortably to type like that. Since I'm getting my Build on, you know I must be feeling some type of way....

It's 10:30 am on Thanksgiving morning. I have already baked my pies, started my yeast rolls made my dressing and fed the God his breakfast. I'm taking a mid morning break to tidy, wash the morning dishes and sort my tablescapes for dinner. Cise is already gearing up for sports-watching. I got up early... like my mother used to. Normally, I cook all week so that I don't have a marathon cooking session on Thursday. I haven't felt well since before Monday. I left work early yesterday to cook and only managed to sleep. I'm okay.... for now. So the meal prep is in full force. I even have a special meal planned for the cat. I spoke to my cousin who is traveling this morning with his family to see how he was faring. And it occurred to me, that I had joined the tradition of countless American women, past, present and future who rise early on the 4th Thursday in November to make a meal.... one of the most basic displays of love... for their families.

I guess I really am grown.

I hate when folks wish Happy Holidays on my blog roll. It is soooooooo CORNY!!! I scroll right on by. B.U.T. this morning I'm going to do it too. And I have plans to go shopping at 6 am tomorrow.

I know a lot of 5%ers don't celebrate Thanksgiving. They opt to protest or treat it like another day. We, in the Realm of Peace, celebrate. We are thankful for each other, our health and our Culture. You don't have to if you Cee it differently.... Self-styled Culture and everything.

Enjoy your Mathematics!