Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fine Mist


I had a thought.... and I'd like an honest and interactive Build.... But... Do you hide this Culture when amongst the 85 and him/devils?

The reason I ask, is I have noticed that when I'm working I downplay my affiliation. Seriously. I work in a dentists office. I will use 'Nation Speak' around the 85ers and devils in my Cipher... some of them have started using the lingo... but I know they don't Understand. As an Earth, I'm always 3/4ths... in the mind as well on my body. (LOL!!! if you get that). In addition to 3/4thing... I wear a Universal flag on the lapel of my coat. Patients never really see me from the waist down. But they see my headwrap. I get asked if I'm a Rastafarian everyday. EVERY DAY. But I'm polite when I say no. I suppose it's the locs. I was a vegetarian before I acknowledged Earth so folks don't think anything odd about my not eating pork. Basically when at work... I hide in plain site.

One of the patients came in the office and asked me dead plain, with no provocation, what I was. I was offended at her directness. How do you ask someone a question that is clearly not your business and expect to be answered? I didn't answer. And I'm not sure why I didn't answer. I've had the experience of telling a patient I was an atheist and them quitting the practice. I could have just said, “I'm a 5%er” and let it go. But her question made me feel some kind of way. I'm not ashamed of being a 5%er. So why the hesitancy?

I know I don't like explaining my actions to other when it's none of their business. I mean that's one of my pet peeves. I REALLY don't like explaining myself. For real. And When you say I'm a 5%er, the next question is, “what is that?” Especially here. All the explanation in the world is not going to make folks get me. And it is the getting of me I'm talking about. Our Culture is a legitimate entity. Folks understand that. But what folks want to know is why I'm a part of it and that makes the questioning entirely too personal. So it seems. These jesus freaks will attack you; and if I'm at work, I cannot return their hostility without risking my job. These additional questions sound offensive to my ear. But all of this is not a reason, just and excuse and I know it.

When I'm around my family... and this was super obvious over the holidays... I still don the external of Earth... I still don't say grace or go to one of their churches unless something major happens.... But I don't discuss it with them either. My family is convinced I'm a Muslim because my mother is convinced I'm a Muslim. Even though I tell them I am not a Muslim they don't believe me. So I get really bad Muslim greetings from them. They also point out mosques to me.

My cousin is a Moor. He knows the difference between 5%ers and other folks. He has done SEVERAL bids. What brought this to mind was he whipped out his fez and was wearing it at the dinner table. Yes the family got quiet and did everything humanly possible to NOT speak on it. We were sitting next to each other and chatting while everyone else there stared. It was surreal. But he didn't say anything and neither did I. Later on I could hear folks talking about how the 2 of us were only after attention.

Around my family, I don't use my righteous name. They wouldn't call me that even if I insisted. I got married in 1998, changed my last name and they still insist on using my maiden name. At my job I don't use on my righteous name either. Because Serenity cannot cash a check.

It must be different for the Gods. When y'all go out into the world, you look like every other Original man. Do you wear your Universals everyday? Do you spark conversations with 85ers? Do you do identify yourself in every non-righteous Cipher you enter as a 5%er? Are there levels?

So here is my question... And I'm really looking for your answers. When you are out and about do you mention your Nation affiliation? If so, how?



Amen Heru said...

No, I don't choose to hide it because I sense that it's important to show who it is we are and be honest about it. I feel that it's very important also to let the "Devils" know who you are also to let them know that you stand for Consciousness and you are hip to what they and their ancestors doing in the ways of "The Corrupt Demiurge"! Why do we have to hide who we are? Now, I'm not saying that we should go around on a soapbox every and all day long. Let your presence and actions and you affinity for "Truth" put them on edge. And it's funny the fear/respect they show you when you "Know" who you are! I've had a racist whiteman/colored man tell me that because I have knowledge of self, I could marry and procreate with his daughter. He ever referred to me as "Asiatic" and said that I'm not Negro, a slave minded diety! The spirit rewards Truth and Honesty in thought, feeling and action! So, let do it!

Anonymous said...

Yes i mention it, when and if that level of conversation comes up ...
Sometimes i wear a flag or a crown and sometimes i dont
Sometimes there is Power in just blending in with the people a and not being detected as a 5%er
And let my actions do the talking

Serenity i love when you post
I check this blog page Everyday
You are one of our greatest builders in this Nation
And i am very inspired by your page
And i always walk away with mental jewels

Penelope White said...

Awwww Victorious.... You made my day with this comment!