Wednesday, December 23, 2015

They Tried.....


Christmas almost got me!

Damn Serenity! You is a true and living Earth... How dat happen?

All jokes aside... In this wilderness It is easier to lay down and let the okey doke wash over you than to stay vigilant and fight. All those good holiday sales... why not buy some things? My mother would like that. The God would look good in this outfit. Oooh Trinity would look so cute dressed up like a reindeer. That little live xmas tree plant would look darling on my desk! Does any of this sound familiar?

I bought “Holiday” cards. Not xmas cards. I had to search for a card that didn't have (a) a nativity scene (b) say “Merry xmas” or (c) have any of the religious trappings that cards have on them this time of year. I actually wanted to get Kwanzaa cards but I would have had to order them and that would have required me to remember to do that before Thanksgiving and I didn't. But... My “Holiday” cards should NOT reach their destination before xmas. If they do then they become xmas cards and not “Holiday” cards. I felt.. and still feel... pressured to get them in the mail before xmas. They are still in my car waiting to be mailed on the 26th.

The only xmas gift I send is to my mother. And I have been working on her bit by bit since I went under instruction.... She no longer sends me a gift. That's the way I want it. So she doesn't expect gifts from me. But when she does receive one and it says Happy Kwanzaa, she will then be relieved and tell her friends about the xmas present I sent late. This year it was harder to not send her a xmas gift. My brother would send her a gift for xmas and then I would after. But my brother died in May and she won't be getting that gift from him. I was tempted to send her one just so she wouldn't be sad... But my boss decided to pay me late this pay period and I missed the xmas cut off for gifting. I refuse to pay extra for overnight shipping that gets there standard time anyway. So that situation worked itself out.

Also... I don't like to travel on a holiday. I don't work for a company that closes through the holidays. Legally they have to close for xmas, but I work the Monday after and the Wednesday before. Hell I'm at work right now! I don't travel on holidays. I learned that lesson the hard way. I once traveled from NJ to GA on 7/4 and my car let me down in Fancy Gap, NC. No repair people were willing to come out and see about me. AAA hung up on me.... twice. I would have had to spend the night there if an old dude hadn't offered to help me. He also made a power move....

But Mommie laid it on thick... “You're my only living child.... Come for xmas.” You know what xmas at her house looks like? Church, church and more church with a side of pork. She is an evangelist and so are 2 of my cousins. So if they don't go to a service,they will have one at the house. Ham and chitterlings are the xmas entrees and everything else is dressed in meat. I've been a vegetarian for 16 years.... this is not new to them. They just don't care. One xmas the 7 and I went to visit them and we sat at a table full of food and the only thing we could eat was the cake I brought. We were so hungry. We left early (I heard about that later) because we were striving to get some food but nothing was open on xmas day. We ate gas station nuts and chips. Took us 5 hours to get home... that's just how far we had traveled to be with these people. Them jokers talked much shit about us. Saying that all we wanted was attention. We no longer visit. For kicks and giggles, I asked my mother and some relatives to come down for the Father's degree celebration. I don't have to tell you....

I work with a chick who claims religiousness by association. Her husband is a preacher, but she knows little about how xianity works or even what's in her bible. But she is all over the It's Merry Xmas and not happy holidays gripe. Okay. That's fine, but keep that shit in your cubicle. She wants to do a secret santa. I'll only participate if it falls after xmas. I ruined her life. I'm not a total grinch I will give out holiday gifts... Just not before xmas.

We as righteous non-xian people have to stand firmly on our square when it seems like the world is trying to persuade us differently. The USA might claim freedom to practice whatever you're into, but what it has evolved to mean is freedom to be a xian. If you aren't a xian or do xian type things, then you are considered a heretic that must be put down. It reminds me of an episode to Twilight zone where children when they reach puberty have to choose 1 of 3 faces. You can't keep your own.

If I was a weaker person, I would allow and join in all the xmas merriment. But I'm not. And I'm pissed that folks expect me to play in their reindeer games just so they can feel good about themselves without regard to MY integrity..


P.S. If I celebrate anything on 12/25 It will be that I earned my flag on 12/25/2009