Saturday, December 26, 2015

Unity/Wisdom Equality abbt Build/Destroy


What is the Science?
Today's Kwanzaa Principle is Unity – Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Equality abbt Build/Destroy

To day is the 1st day of Kwanzaa. I hop y'all got everything you needed to do done. Wit it being the day after xmas, for a lot of people this day gets lost or is anti climatic. I mean if yesterday you ate a big meal, saw all your peeps and opened and/or gave a ton of presence you are probably exhausted. But this is the perfect time for contemplation because now you get to relax and enjoy your time off.

We love xmas. We get paid to not go to work on a day we don't observe. SWEET! I take my laziness to another level and I get Chinese on xmas eve. Life is good. And the God and I enjoy our Mathematics together.

Today's Kwanzaa principle is Unity. I see that correlating to the 8:14. Unity = Social Equality. People coming together together for a common cause. The only way to get something accomplished is for all parties to do their share of the work. Think about it... when your at the workplace, does everyone do everything? No. Folks are assigned their roles. When it works... harmony reigns (Build) If someone drops the ball for whatever reason, and no one picks of the slack... chaos. (Destroy)

So my see on this degree and this Kwanzaa principle is actions must be based in Equality. When you do this the proof is Building and when your actions are NOT based in Equality, you are destroyed.