Thursday, December 31, 2015

Creativity/Understanding Knowledge


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa principle: Creativity
Today's Mathematics : Understanding Knowledge abbt Culture

This Build was hard for me. I not a creative person. That may seem inaccurate if you know me because I'm a crafter, and a cook. But I'm not creative. I see something that I like and nigarig it. Rarely do I come up with original ideas of my own. If I can see it, I can recreate it. If I taste a recipe, I can figure out what's in it. But again... copying not creativity. Creativity is not my gift. But because I can craft, folks think of me as creative. I remember when I pledged AKA, I got real crafty with the projects we had to do. But it was craftiness and not creativity that drove me. One of the big sisters actually asked me to be on her committee because she thought I was creative. One of my line sisters piped up and said, “Angel is the go to person to get isht done. But she is dead with ideas.” If it wasn't true, I would have pinched her in the stomach.

The definition of creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. I might be artistic, but my ideas are NOT Original... But neither are a lot of folks. One of the things I ALWAYS say to G's and E's in person is that we cannot draw up folks the same way we used to. This is not the 1980's. In the 80's I was a teenager and there were Gods Building all over the place in various and sundry Ciphers. Looked like Parliaments popped up indiscriminately on any potential corner. Times have changed. And with those changes, we as righteous people need to change and be creative about how we reach folks. Ain't nobody just gonna see us in the streets and start adding on. I'm not saying it couldn't happen. I am saying it's unlikely. If you hand someone a flyer who doesn't know us what we stand for all they are gonna do is google us and find out that we are a prison gang who killed Michael Jordan's daddy. Is that how you want to be portrayed? I don't. My own cousin who has my cell in her phone decided to buy a book and make judgments regarding the Culture without EVER asking me 1 questions. Imagine us laughing and joking and she is harboring several misconceptions. IJS....

So what do we do to develop more creativity? We go back to the drawing board (31:40). We have to do the 1 and figure a venue for where we could reach people. And we need to release that mindset of only reaching the dregs of society. Not saying we shouldn't reach them, but we would do ourselves well reaching the moneyed and the educated. We need that balance. We shouldn't forget the past, but we shouldn't dwell in the past either. We need to do more to get more. It's Nation Building.



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I'm rocking with you on this Kwanzaa thing...
Just learning and doing the Knowledge
Keep it coming!

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