Sunday, December 27, 2015

Self Determination/Wisdom God


What's the science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Self Determination
Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom God abbt Born

The 1st four principles/days of Kwanzaa relate to our interaction with others and the last 3 days refers to how we deal with ourselves. This second principle Can be seen as a combination of both.

The definition of self determination is the process by which a person controls their own life. That definition is today's math. Our actions (Wisdom) controls our lives. And who is the sole controller? God. Now... All you misogynistic Gods out there do NOT like to see the Earth use God in any way other than to refer to her man.... Get over yourself. Earths get to be sole controllers. We aren't children. We get to make decisions that will affect our lives. 1st of all we CHOOSE to be Earth, just as y'all CHOOSE to be God. We choose the God from whom we receive light. We choose how to properly execute the 14th degree of the 1:14. We make a lot of choices. But in said choices we need to choose the best choice for ourselves personally and the relationships we find ourselves in. That is what this degree and this principle is all about. Making the best choices possible to comfortably live out your Mathematics. It affects you... and those in your Cipher.

When I think of self determination I think of my experiences with dental school. It was one of the hardest things I've ever dine in my life. It was a fight from the 1st day until the last. I'm still not over it. College wasn't hard. My parents are college grads and I attended the same college they and most of my family attended. So they were able to guide me in what to do, what to expect, etc. A lot of people don't have this kind of mentoring and tend to flounder. Mentoring is so important. But when I went to dental school..... yikes.

My mother attained a masters degree, but she did it the way folks do it... while working and raising children. So she wasn't any real help. She actually didn't think I needed help because I had no distractions, like she did. I didn't know any Black dentists who could give me some help, or dentists period. I got hold of some directions and made it in the best I knew how. My teachers at college, bless their hearts, were confused about what the actual differences between medical and dental school were. Let me tell you this.... the MCAT is vastly different from the DAT. VASTLY. Dentistry is a spatial thing. My ability to sew helped me more than the training I got at school. And nothing against SCSU. They did what they could.

I got in and I fought tooth and nail to stay there. Professional PWI's are not the same as HBCU's. Not at all. They give no fux about you.... at all. They want you to get in to satisfy their quotas, but once you are in there, you are a statistic. And they mean for you to be a bad stastic. They don't help you even though they say they will. Racism is alive, well and OPEN in grad school. If you call them on it, YOU are the trouble. And I can't even say that they were personally trying to attack me. Because they weren't. It is just institutionalized. Professors lie and play favorites. Professors do INCREDI BLY inappropriate activities with students. And my personal opinion... Black students become shellshocked at PWI's and develop PTSD. The swag of a student from a Black college is completely different than the zombies that comes out of a PWI with dark skin. Coming from a warm caring college... I wasn't ready. But... I finish what I start. And I finished that bitch.... a little worse for wear but on time. I got through on the mere force of my will.

Self determination.



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