Tuesday, October 6, 2015



Have you ever had a coworker that treats you like you're part of the furniture? Like you owe them something? I have one that sits less than 15 feet away from me. She eavesdrops on my calls.... offers her opinions unsolicited.... tries to be the boss of me.... but mostly she is fully disrespectful to me and other people who look like me if you know what I mean......

She makes 6:14 come alive for me. Seriously. When she opens her mouth, that's what I hear over and over like a broken record “...So that she can use them as a tool and also a slave....” But the degree also gives the solution. I am FAR from ignorant.

I've had bad coworkers before. This ain't my 1st cookout. I am way smarter than this person. I have more education than she does (which I don't mind advertising). I speak better. I dress better. I'm well read and well traveled. Which again I don't have a problem reminding her. And she tries... she went to a Caribbean island and asked me if I had gone. I said no. She got excited until I mentioned the places I have gone that her paygrade will never allow. I read every day in front of her. I use words I know she doesn't understand. (A dictionary has appeared amongst her belongings) I discuss concepts that she can't grasp in front of her to other people who look like me. She needs to know that I am not only literate, others are literate; but most importantly... she is stupid. It ruins her day....

Most folks would tell me to ignore her. I can't. When she doesn't do her job, I have to. You know how Black tax works. have to work 2x as hard to not be seen as lazy. But the thing is this.... Having to be terr... makes me better. I was already well read before this trick. I'm even more well read now because I continue to read. I was already fly before her, but I'm even better now. in her weakness and wickedness she has made ME a better person. And I am here for that. I'm not saying that I'm happy that she is part of my Cipher. No... I wish she would quit. But I am satisfied that I am a better Serenity Earth than I was before she started.

But here is the most important thing.... I don't do her work for her. Nor do I help. She is they type to seduce folks into doing her work. My motto is... and I'm vociferous about it.... I don't do other people's work, because I don't get their paycheck. She often doesn't know what she's doing and I make sure folks know who is dropping the ball. That may make me T.O. here... And I absolutely don't care.