Monday, October 5, 2015

32:40... Understanding wisdom abbt Power


32:40 is one of them degrees (a) folks don't build on because it falls outside daily mathematics and (b) the folks use to disprove the validity of 120.

Th way they TRY to disprove the degree is to line up an Original man who is say 110lbs soaking wet next to Lou Ferrigno (I'm old) looking devil monster and say who do you think will win a brawl between the 2. That doesn't disprove the degree because there in no Equality in the comparison. For the comparison to be fair, the men have to be the same size, age with the same experience. And then we shall see what's what.

Merryweather is a boxer who has been fighting devils all along his way to the undefeated top. And because of the industry he is in, he must fight people who are similar to him in build, weight and experience. And then what happened. Tyson, Ali, Louis and my personal favorite... Jack Johnson... all showed and proved 32:40's physicality.

Now the mental powers..... My people are so much smarter than we are given credit. The educational system is not set up for our children to thrive mentally. So using that as a benchmark is flawed from the beginning. We don't learn like devils learn. For example, I remember anything set to music. But none of my lessons ever were. You give an Original child a shot and we will transform it into nothing like you've ever seen. Ever been in one of their churches? Dry white toast. Ever been in ours? Ever eat dinner at their homes? Seasonless, thoughtless swill. But the flavor in our foods make you just have breakdowns. Ever been to one of their parties. Pure savagery. But we get down with class and style. You ever see how they dress? Whether casual or dressy it's the same... ridiculous. They either go too casual bordering on homeless chic or they look constipated in their dress up clothes. Us.... you don't even want to go there. We get dressed up for no good reason and with half the money. I'm not saying this is a good thing. But you can't outdo Black people. We are better in every way possible and we get no credit. The only people who can give us credit is ourselves, but that's another Build.

At the end of the day... we need to stop the comparisons. We already know how this ends. The degree says it. We win. Chris Rock said his father taught him this.... “You can't beat the devil by decision. You gotta knock him out.”