Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I've got a New Name


Not sure I mentioned this... But I changed my name a little....

I know it's common for righteous folks to touch their names here and there. And I'm no different. I really think folks choose their names initially too quickly. Part of the I know the “cool part” of the Nation is getting your righteous name... But get your feet wet 1st before you make such a big decision. Once you choose a name and get known, it takes some doing to change that and get used to answering to something different. An Earth in this Cipher COMPLETELY changed her name when she started adding on with a new God and I saw the labor she went through trying to get folks to honor the change. She's not here anymore. I really think that men should wait until they Knowledge 120 before choosing a name. And women, once they decide how they plan to manifest their Earth-dom... then change their names at the completion. Cause y'all know not all Earths learn 120.

I do remember when I was new in the Culture I was dragging my feet about my name. I just didn't hear anything that resonated with me. My 1st educator was in NY, so he wasn't really caring what my name was and I was cool with that. But when I tried to come amongst the righteous people with my given name, I was met with quite a bit of suspicion.

This is actually not the 1st time I changed my name. My original righteous name was “Serenity Love Divine Earth.” This website reflects that. I have adjusted my name here and there. When I became part of Precise's Universe I adjusted my name to his. I added in “Peace” because that was his chosen surname. But that made my name super long. And OH... I clown earths with them LOOOOOOONG righteous names! 'Cise also thought I should add the attribute “Sincere” because he says that I am am really Sincere about living out the Culture. I thought that was sweet. So my attribute was.... “Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth.” I know... Long.

Well..... I'm now taking out the “Love” and replacing it with “Angel.” Not because I'm no longer Loving, but because Angel is more of who I am. My nickname is Angel. My legal name is NOT Angel. (You'd be surprised at the shitload of righteous stalkers out there with intent on finding out folks legal names so that they can out them. Why? I don't know. But I don't make it a habit to know folks legal names.) There are people who won't recognize me if I send correspondence with my legal name. Even my parents use/d my nickname so much that my brother once forgot my actual name. I don't think my sister-in-law or my nephew know my name is not Angel. When I got married and sent out wedding invitations, my parents got phone calls from people asking if they had another daughter.

Also.... Angel is in 28:40. So funny.... my mother had a long term boyfriend who used to call me “Angel Baby.” I really don't think he was righteous because (a ) he was really old and (b) an active Jehovah's Witness. So the 1st time I came across the phrase in the 1-40, finally I had a name that resonated with me. B.U.T.... I had already chosen my name and had gotten used to answering to it.

The definition of Angel includes....

a being that acts as an agent of God.
Ok. I act many times on Precise's behalf. More of definitions...
conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.
Sounds like 3/4ths. And finally an alternate dictionary definition...
A person of exemplary conduct or virtue.
Yes that's me. Angel Baby is an accurate description of my life. I'm dark skinned. My mother considered aborting me by sticking a pin in my head. And she expects me to do do more than a grown sentient woman should expect from their child.

So I'm doing it again. My new name is Serenity Angel Sincere Peace Earth! The Serenity doesn't change. And people only call me Serenity. Took 7 years.... but I think this is it.