Monday, June 1, 2015

The Best Knower....


This is a rant... You've been warned.

I am sick... Super Sick..... EMPHATICALLY SICK... of people who know very little of 5% Culture throwing me shade. It happens more than I'm comfortable with.

I live in Georgia. For the most part the only people who Know anything about 5% Culture are adherents and people from up top. ANYBODY else who feels confident in the small amount of Knowledge they have need to shut the fuck up. Case closed.

I am wearing a skirt and a shirt. The shirt is sleeveless and the skirt is a midi. (mid leg for you men reading). Why did a coworker ask me if I was 3/4ths? Really? I'm at work, so I bottled my enthusiasm over slapping her in the mouth or at least cursing her out and asked her why did she think I wasn't 3/4ths. She said because of the sleevelessness. I wish you could have seen my face.... But this is a teaching moment. Or is it? This chick is firmly entrenched with her white Jesus and ain't about to let him go. So why should I cast my pearls before swine and make Knowledge born? I re-explained (for the umpteenth time) what 3/4ths was. And she was oh ok. Did she think she had a valid argument? (a) I could science up a bikini to have her confused for years, months and days. And (b) I have a man at home who sees me before I go to work. Did she think he would let me out of the house with exposed hills and mountains?

I was invited to the home of a coworker for a fight party. Now... at work... my given name is used because, (a) I had the job before I had my righteous name and (b) only my legal name can cash a paycheck. But... we don't use our legal names in non-work settings. So I asked her to introduce me to her people as Serenity. She had a problem with that. Got all Cassius Clay on me. (“Your mama named you Cassius....”) I was like then we won't come. She was cool with initially that but then recanted. So we went and every time she introduced me to someone... including her husband... she said it in a way that made me want to slap her. She even prefaced it with, “That ain't her real name but that what's she wants to be called....”

Another one of my friends had an uncle who got Knowledge in jail. But returned here when he got out. I say here, because unless you affiliate with a cipher here, it is hard to maintain 5% on your own if you don't know better. A lot of what he was taught once here, has been mixed diluted and tampered with. She will tell me something that he told her (he's dead now) and it will be completely wrong and when I gently explain the error she'll get mad and tell me that she was gonna take his word over mine. This dead man who wasn't trying to teach her 5% Culture but was trying to manifest his Understanding. Well what the fuck did you bring it up for? I damn sure didn't ask. But don't tell me you are the best knower of MY CULTURE when you don't know jump from your dead uncle. Hell she doesn't even know his righteous name. She actually told me he didn't have one. He was just “Junior”.

The 7 and I have always said if we had children, we'd give them righteous names. Non-righteous people will say, "Why would you do that to your children?" I ask them would a name like Absalom be better? (that's a heavily christian/Jewish name) Or Muhammad? In every single instance the person who isn't minding their own business says yes? And when I say... "so it's cool to give children religious names if that's their culture but not for us?" They try to make it sound legit but the answer is always the same. And I'm like mind your own fucking business!

I don't proselytize like a christan or a jehovah's witness. I live my Mathematics. If you wanna know more, I can aid you with that. But if you love Jesus and are fully satisfied with that... I'm good with that too. All my friends don't have to be righteous, but you must respect my Culture and my right to exist unmolested as I respect yours. Understand you are not bringing me back to the fold. I have no problems maintaining my boundaries. The issue I am willing to scrap to get you off my back.

Maybe it it the nature of the people here. They really do think they know more than they do. And they cannot recognize when things aren't there business. They often speak super confidently about issues that eventually they make clear that they know nothing about or have no experience with. And then want to tell you about you.




Flying Mermaid said...

I'll never be able to process how it is folks think everyone else's business is their own! (Still giggling over her going all Cassius Clay on you!)

Truth is, I really have no idea what your name is, which is why it's taken me this long to even click on this email alert that's come to me a few times from a Penelope White -- I've never heard of Penelope White. So imagine my surprise to discover Bootzey, no I mean Serenity, no I mean, hell, who gives a fuck? You're a woman I accept in all forms, and downright adore!