Thursday, June 11, 2015

Today's Math: Knowledge Knowledge


“Does that have anything to do with the above question number 10?”

I absolutely HATE when folks count 120 all together. When folks be like, “Whats the 42nd degree?” I will physically wince. I mean I really hate that shit. It implies the way the asker got his/her is the only way 120 gets disseminated. And we know there are different ways of teaching for every different teacher. B.U.T..... that's another Build....

I am of the opinion that the above referenced degree is referring to 10:10 and 10:14. You don't have to agree with me... This ain't your blog or your Build.

I've mentioned that I had 2 different educators at different times. My 1st educator gave me SM, SA, 1-10, 12 Jewels, 1-14, 1-36, 1-40 then the AF &SF together. My 2nd educator gave me SM, SA, 1-10, 1-36, 1-14, 1-40, AF & SF order. (See why I hate that add-em-all-up isht???)

Both 1-10 and 1-14 have “question number 10s” the 10:10 seems more logical to me at times. But both could apply. That's why I said my opinion. One could also infer that since the coordinate in the 1-36 is 11, you could use 1 from each... So I will take the best part.

Back to Today's Mathematics.... the 1-36 deals with how the devil made a black man out of God. him/devil gave us everything that was the antithesis of who we were. Different physical food than was healthy for us. Different mental food than we were originally taught. He took away our history and sense of self. Different names... Different languages... and most dangerous.... his religion. None of this is good for us. Him/devil drowned us in all that bullshit and if we wanted to live... and that is the most basic of ALL needs.... we had to swallow this foulness and what emerged from the cesspool was this version of black man.

10:10 refers to the man made mystery gods of Buddha and Jesus 10:14 refers to the bad habits we pick up in this wilderness. Abdicating the inherent Power that we possess to an inferior being is the beginning of our undoing. And that is mostly done through learning to submit. And you know where most of our submission taught???? Yep... In Sunday School! Where we learn how wonderful it is to be an eternal child to white Jesus or Allah. How we can give over all responsibility and monies to a mystery who will provide for our food, clothing and shelter. But we aren't even good enough to speak his name or question it. Yeah... sounds familiar? Everythign good that happens comes form him and everything bad that happens we did to ourselves. That Earthquake or tornado is proof that we wasn't living right. Submission is what we have learned through the English lesson process. The Lost Found lessons further adds on by showing us that we have developed some destructive habits... probably to cope with what we've been through, or to navigate this wilderness.... that we need to let go of if we want to exit this jungle existence. We cannot escape AND maintain at the same time. Both degrees work and work together....

So what's my point? Wake the fuck up please. I said please because I'm not above begging. Some of y'all need to be begged to do what's right. Everyday, they are out there killing our babies and getting away with it. I do not see how things are different/better today than they were in the 50's. Schools are segregated. When you go pick up your babies... if you do that.... what do the other babies look like? Chances are they are all the same color. White folks have the means to get what they want because y'all still sleeping. Schools are just as segregated today as they have ever been. Rich white folks send their children to expensive schools and the poor ones are the ones calling the police on you when your babies show up in their neighbor hoods. And parents now have to pay for the schools supplies? That's for you Black parents. You think them white folks in them white schools are antying up for school supplies?

Super duper private schools discriminate not on the color of your skin, but by the fullness of your wallet. Blue Ivy and North West gonna go to whatever school they want to. Doesn't matter the color of their skin, what matters is their parents are wealthy. Should something happen and them jokers go broke... Nobody is gonna care who they once where.

You ain't doing as well as you think you are.

Start the process of coming back to yourself. There are many pathways that will bring you back home. Pick one and keep it moving.