Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Peace Y'all,

Almost every time I go through 120 I always get hemmed up on the word "discovered." In the 2 degrees where it appears it doesn't really follow the standard definition.

The Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines discover as a verb and as being the first to acquire knowledge or sight by effort or chance. In both cases (3:14 and 22:40) the people in question did not discover anything. In fact, in the 3:14 The sentence after dicovered invalidated the claim. So why did T.H.E.M. use this word and why did Allah keep it?

I don't have an answer, nor am I offering one. I am just making a few reasonable observations that help me to sleep at night.

This is how I see it.... Clearly discovered is not meant to be used in obvious definition. Columbus did not discover North America because Indians were already here. How could they be here but not be aware that they are here? And Yacub discovered magnetism? I think not. The Asiatic Black Man already had this concept. He created it so Yacub would not be the 1st to discover it. What Yacub is good at is tricknology and devilshment (4:14). He is the father the the devil and taught him how to roll. Folks usually want to think of devilishment as lying, stealing, manipulating and such. Things that are easily identifible as negative. But this use of 'discover' is a different perspective on an old theme.

Think about this... When a person discovers something, they can lay claim on it like it's theirs. For possible no effort an individual can come into something of value. Finders keepers. That's some bull shit right there. And the devil used that concept of 'discover' to dominate the planet. By saying that folks that exist some where don't have rights outside what is best for the devil. And no effort on their part is neccessary to achieve this other than making a claim on it.

If I come to your home and say, "I live here. Either get out or serve me" That might get me arrested, put in a mental instiution or at least cursed out and/or laughed at. But that is precisely what the devil did all over this planet. And when he tells his-story, he comes out smelling like a rose. SMH.

What I am going to take as the best part is to always, ALways, ALWAYS pay attention to his wording. It's with his words (interorientation) that he takes advantage of people. It reminds me of some wisdom my moms and aunt used to drop. They would say that men are too stupid to lie. But women are too gullible to believe the truth. Basically the devil says what we want to hear my manipulating the truth. And we lend him our power.



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It's about SELF Discovery and utilizing the discovery in a beneficial and balanced way. ;-)

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