Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Wilderness of North America.....

Peace Family,

I did not have an easy time walking through 120. My 1st educator went missing here and there. And the last one was hard on me. Real hard. He made me do all kinds of external projects and such. One of the things he did that used to truly piss me off, was to ask a question that I am CERTAIN he knew I didn't have an answer to. While we were doing the big "discussion" of the 1-14, the God asked me how I saw "Wilderness". He has a talent for asking me questions that I would have thought were obvious; yet, I didn't have an answer. I came up with some superficial bullshit because I'm good at thinking on my feet. I'm certain he knew it was a jenky reply, but let me go on.

As is my habit, I never let an unanswered question go. When something stumps me, it will stay with me until I can mentally resolve it. I am convinced that's why people become distracted and forgetful when they get older. They just have too much stuff rolling around in their mental minds. While walking and meditation on 120, I realized that in the Understanding degree of the 1-14, I have been focusing on who the 'Indians' were (and subsequently why they were singled out in the Understanding degree of the 1-10) and why they were singled out in number and what they did in India that got them exiled. And not so much on the Wilderness of North America.

The Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines 'wilderness' as: n. desert (6:AF), uncultivated (therefore uncivilized) region, confused assemblage of unheeded advocate of reform. I will put my spin on said definition... unwanted, unnecessary location or situation.

If theories of plate tectonics are to be accepted, then at one point in time all of the continents were one big land mass. There were probably land masses that were present then, that are currently submerged. The root of civilization is in Arabia. "Arabia" could be an Egyptian/Indian/Ethiopian/Iraqi combo spot. Plate tectonics does indicate that at one point all those locations were in the same mushed together. And it's not really hard to believe that since the indigenous people have similar ways and actions. If you look at indigenous practices all over the world it is easy to see a common root amongst the Originals. As my mother would say, "Everybody can't be wrong."

So if all the continents were populated while it was one big land mass, why didn't North America get populated? And why was NA a location for exiles like Siberia and Pelan/Patmos? Mmmmmm?

Archaeological data indicates that all of the other continents (with the exception of Antarctica) were populated thousands/millions of years before NA. Why is this? NA had mega fauna and mega flora (plants and animals). If animals could exist here, then so could humans. If the colored prehistoric theories are to be believed, humans generally follow animals to kill and eat them. There exists evidence that there were colored prehistoric seas in Kansas. So NA doesn't seem to be an inhospitable environment for people to live. So why was it the last continent to be lived in especially if folks could have gotten here by walking or sailing over like they did every other continent?

Was NA designed to be a prison colony?

I was doing the Knowledge to the Viking civilization (I like people who have a reputation for bringing the pain to colored people, even if they are colored themselves) and I came across a myth of Eric the Red. He apparently got into some trouble in own country and was banished. Know where he allegedly went? You guessed it. NA! Again, the Understanding degree of the 1-14 states that the people on this continent were exiled from India (part of the root of civilization). T.H.E.M. got that from somewhere. So there is evidence that this continent was designed for folks to catch hell (today's SA). And have you ever noticed that when people come to live in this country from every other place in the world except Canada, they have complaints? (Though they don't leave.) I know a few Canadians. They love it here. I suppose they would with Canada being cold for the better part of the year.

This place ain't friendly to anybody and it never has been. So how y'all see "Wilderness"? All of y'all... righteous, religious, e'rybody. I am very interested.