Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stress Sucks!

Peace Y'all!

A few months ago... like July... The God and I were in the grocery store. We were joking around and having fun as is our custom. This old woman walked up to us and asked us if we were together. We confirmed that we were. She then asked us if we were wanting to have children. A very odd and nosy question for a stranger to ask don't you think? But we were in a playful warm current so we obliged her question. She told us to not think about it and just enjoy the interaction. If I got tight then nothing would happen. Okay. I dismissed what she said as a root work. I'm a scientist and a health care professional. Even though this old woman reported having 9 biological children of her own, what do I need her advice for? I know how to get pregnant... right?

Another one of my friends who has 3 children (we are the same age) told me essentially the same thing. She said if you are stressed, the internal structures are too tight to receive life. Humph! What does she know?

My 24 year old child free niece and I were in the mall. And there where all these pregnant young women walking around. I looked at all these chick and I said very flippantly, "Why are all these girls pregnant and I'm not?" Neicey said, "I don't think they are intentionally trying."

All three of these unrelated people have gotten me to do some research. And my conclusion.... Stress Sucks!

My research has taken me to various and sundry sites that have scientific studies to back up their claims that being stressed, mentally and physically, can reek havoc on the body. You can litterally kill yourself from being too tense. I know y'all have heard the urban myth of a man and baby falling from a building and the baby survived but the man didn't because the man tensed up during the drop. That has got to be an urban myth. Has to be!

Stress causes problems. It causes you to make bad decisions and second guess your self. It causes you to distrust others. That's not always bad, but it can be. Stress Keeps you awake at night, therefore making you not 100% the subsequent day. Stress and worrying about shit has never done me a solid... Ever!

Physically stress can cause all kinds of internal problems. I will share my experiences. I got diagnosed with fribroids when I was 29. Okay. A lot of Black women have them. I knew they were coming because my mother had them bad enough to require a hysterectomy. They stayed the same size for years.... until I took a shitty job. Them my almond sized tumors grew to the size of oranges... Each! And caused my uterus to detach on one side. I hated that job so much that my nose used to bleed on the way to work everyday. But days I didn't go, my nose stayed dry. Yeah I made a lot of money, but I was ridiculously stressed there. I'm good and healthy now that I don't work there.

Even in grad school, I stressed out there like a fiend. I developed irritable bowel, a noticible facial tick, and had pneumonia twice. All those issues miraculously disappeared once I graduated.

You know the Christian Bible does ask the question why stress, because it doesn't do anything positive for you(Mat 6:27). Meaning it doesn't pay the bills. I can take the best part. And I have come to learn that the Universe moves toward order rather than chaos. Religious people like to stress you out by having you believe the opposite. But their book also says all things work out for good (Romans 8:28).

So what now? I am actively trying to relax.Employing meditation and other relaxation techniques. And not just to conceive. People conceive while being raped. I'm sure those women were stressed at the time. But just for my own peace of mind. I noticed that when I hear a song that takes me back to my childhood, when all I had to worry about was schoolwork, will truly relax me and clear my head. I feel 16 again. That is a real relaxing moment although fleeting. If I can get those fleeting moments to occur more frequently, yet stay grounded in the present (I despise people that live in the past) and find effective ways to truly deal with stress I'll be a kinder gentler Serenity.



Olu Graphic Designs said...

nice post. A 30 minute walk around my neighborhood does wonders for me.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Solid Advice Olu. Thanks.

Flying Mermaid said...

Excellent idea, love. Although your stress tends to be entertaining for me at times, I know you'd benefit greatly from its lack, and I'm willing to sacrifice a few laughs at your expense.

Plus, I can think of about a thousand instances in which women I know got pregnant after "giving up", i.e., letting go of the stress around it, no longer counting, taking temperature, etc.

Good Luck!